February 8, 2011

Big Game Knitting

Saturday night I started the toes on these socks.
Then I stuffed them into one of my sock dumplin's and set them aside.
They got a ride in the car, and spend all day being shown off.
Monday morning - they got to visit my dentist.
I have already started the gusset increases.
Soon, I'll be starting the heels.
Going quick.


  1. They are looking good - I need to learn your method - toe up and two at a time - sometimes I get 'second sock syndrome' and have to force myself to finish the second one before going on to something else.

  2. Woman, I am on a yarn diet. You know that. And yet, you keep flashing yarns I am inclined to ask about. Don't tell me. Seriously. Lalallalalala...

  3. They look like they have the measles. I guess you must have the pattern memorized by now. The only knitting I carry with me is afghan knits so I don't have to keep checking the instructions.

  4. Your socks look like they want spring to be here soon, with that lovely green with a sprinkling of red. BTW....still jealous of how quickly you get things done.

  5. Nice to see your socks riding around in a dog themed dumplin.

  6. Those are so pretty!! And sounds like a quick knit toO!

  7. i am so impressed you knit at the dentist, probably a very good idea, to take your mind off what they are doing. maybe i need to consider this. usually my eyes are squeezed shut, as tightly closed as possible, and i am wringing my hands together, and when they are all done i am a sweaty mess. charming image, no?


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