February 3, 2011

Behind the Story

Remember this post?  Well here's the back story.  Many of you know this already because I've shared in email.  But see my boy has decided that when I get up from my spot on the couch (yea - that pile of knitting means it's my spot) that he needs to climb up and stake his claim.

I'm not sure if he's claiming me or the furniture - but.  See - they aren't allowed on the furniture.  But the big lug looks so darn cute that I can't help but laugh.  So I just grabbed the camera and started clicking away.

In the sorry post - he was climbing down and wouldn't look at me.  I did not scold him in any way.   He just thought he was in trouble.  Maybe next week the girls will show up again. 


  1. Poor ole oafy Beauregard James!!! you beat him in your spare time, don't you?? My dogs are pretty sure that they get beatin' too. Seriously, they have NO idea, do they?
    give your sweeties a hug and a smooch from me!

  2. How could someone so cute ever be in trouble? Especially when he obviously knows he wasn't supposed to be up there!
    (Never mind, I think I already know the answer to "ever"!)

  3. At least he looks guilty and gets down. Mine just snuggle in and have to be told to move, or pushed to a different spot.

  4. What Sue said. Sissy will even posture defiantly and/or GLARE at her beloved Dadaw if he demands a move. She moves, but S-L-O-W-L-Y with attitude.

  5. We've just decided the hosue is theirs too..... including the furniture. :)

  6. I am so thankful that I scolded the children vigorously for letting Thor on the couch when he was an adorable 23 pound, 7 week old puppy. I wouldn't have any furniture left after his porky butt had claimed it!

    Beau knows he has to move, even in this picture. I think he's just saving your seat, so no one else will take it. Because, of course JB would move to take your seat, right, and abandon his own?

  7. LOL...I think he's just keeping your seat warm for you...right? I think is one reason we have small dogs...so sharing the furniture with them almost makes some kind of sense. Heck, they often smell better than the boys did!

  8. Bless his heart...does he even fit up there, cause it looks like he's hanging half off of it. lol


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