February 8, 2011

Found Them!

For some reason earlier this season I decided I wanted a pair of grey boots.

Fairly basic boots, with a round toe and a small heel - not suede, because I live in Seattle and I actually wear my boots into the office rather than schlep them.  Not too high, not stiletto heels, not wedges, not over the knee - just a basic, run of the mill, pair of grey boots. 

Oh yea - they need to have a zipper because otherwise it's hard to put them on or get them off. 

Saturday we were at the mall.  I decided to make the boots my mission.  I finally stopped into a shoe store that frankly I don't remember the name of the store.  They just happened to be having a sale - buy one pair, get one pair free.  Honestly free!

So I grabbed some trendy black boots too. And the best part - both pairs were less than $50 so even if they don't last past this Winter - no harm no foul!   


  1. Awesome!! Those are completely hot boots, and what a steal. Score!

  2. Wow....good for you! Hope you gets lots of wear and happiness.

  3. I hate you. Twice. No, make that three times. Not only did you find 'em, I had to read about it here!!! Pout. ;) ♥

  4. Gorgeous boots! I admit I have been suffering from boot desire too...must be Sal's influence! That girl has a mad crazy boot collection that I heart!!!

  5. Free??? Wow, what a great deal.

    I love those gray boots. I've always been crazy for boots. I even wore boots when we got married. Now I can't wear heels anymore, so I have to settle for the less sexy flat boots. I still love them though.

  6. Oooh...love those gray ones! And buy one get one free? Score for you!

  7. These boots were made for walking ;). Now I can't get this song outta my head....lol

    Nice boots and great price. That's awesome.


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