March 26, 2009

Contest Answers

Last week as part of dogs on thursday I had a contest. Lots of people played (well eight or ten) and three people got all 4 dogs right. Marjie - I'm sure thor told her the answers! the Princess and Anonymous Miss D. Well Miss D dq'd herself since she has personal knowledge of the dogs (don't worry - I'll get some sock yarn). The Princess should dq herself for personal knowledge but she'll most likely get some malibrigo for the baby knitting she's doing. Don't get excited it's not for herself! And since I'm sure thor helped I'm on the lookout for a new lobster. But this was a hard thing to do without personal knowledge of the dogs. The photos were small and without spending a lot of time searching through old posts. So I will draw winners from everyone who got 2 right and there were two people who got all 4 exactly backwards, so we'll have a little drawing between them too. Look for an email asking for your address :) A was Lucy. The photo on the left is the contest photo and the photo on the right is shot that shows her foot with her head. She is the reddest of the dogs. B was Dudley. He's the only dog with red ears and white on his nose. Abby's nose is totally white as you can tell in the bigger photo of the two of them on my brother's lap - not the couch. C is Abigail Jane. She's the only mostly white dog we have. The bigger photo of her with The Princess was taken when she was younger. her ears have grayed out quite a bit by now - but you can tell her feet are white.
Finally - my boy. D was Beau. He's such a goob. As I told many people when I responded to their guesses, It's often hard for us to tell Beau and Lucy apart when it's dark or if we're half asleep. but that is definitely Beau's nose. Here's a photo of him looking up from the dog yard at me - probably waiting for me to drop him a cookie.
That was hard and fun. Thanks for playing everyone.
Don't forget to check out Dogs on Thursday. They're having a contest too!


  1. Well, congrats to Marjie (and Thor)! You do have such lovely houndies...

  2. I remember seeing a Lobster in the new Foster and Smith catalog. they are online!

  3. Can't believe I git the hard ones right and the easy ones wrong. I should do a contest like that.

    It should arrive today.

  4. I love the pics! Cute!

  5. Wouldn't you know, DTE was looking over my shoulder when I was reading your DOT post last week and she decided to do some investigating and pegged all four of the pictures right. (Stuff about how long the fur on one bloodhound's foot vs the other, how a bloodhound nose or foot looks very different than a basset's, how your bassets nose/muzzle coloring isn't that close to each other, etc. Why yes, she does know hound dogs.....)
    Too bad she didn't enter her answers, she could have had "The Sock Pro" give her advice/yarn toward her new addiction!
    I loved the photos of all your dogs!

  6. Thor knew that Abby is the most red and Abby is the most white. Of course he told me the answers. Don't all of us moms need our kids and dogs to tell us everything?

  7. Too funny! Love the parts pics.

  8. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the fun contest!

  9. What a cool contest! Love all your doggies.


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