March 23, 2009

Any Ideas?

This is yet another version of KS 3337 - what apparently is to become known as my favorite skirt. I counted yesterday and I believe I have 10 skirts made from this pattern. When purchasing the fabric, the skirt you see is exactly what I had in my mind. However - it doesn't work. Rather than add a band of the small dot fabric, the underskirt is an entire skirt. The upper is just the shorter layer. It doesn't work - it's too heavy. I would like to slavage the upper portion, somehow - any ideas?


  1. Could you take off the waistband to release the underskirt, undo the heam and add a band of the small dot fabric and then reapply the waistband? I know that would be alot of work, but your concept is cute...those fabrics do look good together.

  2. She said what I was going to say. If you have the fabric, you can cut a new strip for the big dot skirt, then make a new waistband for the small dot skirt, and there you have it! 2 new skirts!

    Like the new color, BTW. My grandmother always used to say "A lady never goes grey. She goes blond." Yes, this is the granny who wore giant cabbage roses and bright colors, and who was gorgeous!

  3. I agree. I like the two prints together. Do you have enough of the small dot to make a strip or flounce on the bottom?

    I have a dress like that with an over and under skirt and I love it.

  4. I agree about removing the underlayer and adding a band at the bottom, but I think the two patterns fight. They match perfectly color-wise, but style-wise, I don't think they're a good match. I like the dark-blue base of the dot print, but maybe something more toward the cream?

  5. Personally, i like them together, and i think it works just fine!
    cute skirt. want.


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