August 12, 2008

Somethin's Still Not Right

It's not a great photo, but you can see the wrinkling at the center back. Above the seam. The back seam is easily .75" higher than the front seam. When I wore the dress, JB pulled the shoulders up and out - following the angle of the back - approximately 1" and the back laid flat. So, I unpicked the seam and the serged finish and had JB pull the back down until it laid flat - again following the angle of the back.
Thankfully, this time I basted it. I tried it on this morning - braless (oh the shame) and the front fits fine but the back has issues. I'm tempted to just sew the original seam back in, and let the back drape like a cowl. Using it as a design element.
I love this fabric and would hate to have to wad it up and toss it.
On a different note - this is what I wore to work today. It's a version of the Carolyn skirt with a yellow KS tee. The knit fabric was a little thin, so I double the fabric in the top. This is easy to wear and feels springy and fresh.


  1. Both outfits look great to me... ??

  2. I just hate it when dresses go wrinkly and the seams don't line up properly; I rarely make one with a real waistline because of that. I can't see your wrinkles. Does the vee need to be closed up a little farther? Or is the wrinkling around the waist? I wouldn't throw away that pretty fabric; I'd rather let the back cowl if all else fails. (Which would mean finding a bra with a low cut back - another whole set of problems...)

    Your skirt & tee are cute! I have a bunch of tees where I doubled the front because the fabric was so thin. It feels so good to wear summer clothes! We have so long in winter clothing, don't we?

  3. I need to remember to check your blog more often Gaylen! You've got lots of good stuff here and a new masthead to boot!

    The dogs are so darn cute. Happy birthday! :)

    And reading your post about the Mariners made me sigh a little. I miss the Pacific Northwest something awful.
    We have a stitch and pitch here but it's a farm team - there are no t-shirts. :)

    Going to read Luke's story now...

    take care!

  4. Add the fabric back in and let it cowl! It will look fresh and different...sometimes I think we try to hard for "perfection" when the fabric is telling us it wants to do something just a little differently.

    And I swear you make wonderful versions of this skirt...I have my three original ones and haven't made it since...I really need to make it again for fall!

    p.s. Glad you're back at Stitchers Guild!


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