August 23, 2008

Dish Rag Tag, The Sequel

Again this year, Emily is hosting dish rag tag. This year the rules are slightly different, the teams slightly larger, and the boxes slightly smaller. The race started on August 15th, with Emily mailing out all the boxes. They went first to the team captains, who opened the box, found a ball of cotton, the "official pattern," and a treat of some sort. After knitting the official cloth - you restuff the box with a new ball of cotton (which must be used by the recipient to knit the cloth) and treat. The object is to get the box through the team, each person knitting the official cloth from the ball of kitchen cotton in the box and back to Emily fastest!
Have I ever shown you all my mailbox? I swear JB is from white trash stock! He has a small collection of old wood stoves around the yard doing various jobs - this one happens to hold the mailbox. Our mailman loves it - he says there is nothing else like it. In a good year, that flat part holds a pot of flowers - this year one never got placed there.
Anyway - yesterday, I saw Keith pull up to the mail stove. After he drove off, I grabbed the camera and went to check the mail. Yep - there's the little box, right there. Mail check at 11:50 am.
I put the box on the kitchen table, unloaded everything, took a really dark photo (sorry). That's the box, with the cloth knit by my captain, a new ball of kitchen cotton, a food treat and a cute little sock blocker wearing a cute little sock.
I then sat down on the sofa and knit my heart out. I used the worst possible needles - there was so much drag between the yarn and needles I'm not sure how I got it done, but I did. It took me less than 90 minutes to knit the cloth, print the new label, stuff the box, and tape it closed again.
Last night I have 2 couples over for dinner - Prime Rib, crash potatoes, roasted cauliflower and broccoli. I had a loaf of rustic bread that I threw in the oven to warm when I took the roast out, but I forgot about it. After a quick house cleaning and a jump in the shower, I ran to the post office and got the box sent off to Angela. I hope she likes the cloth and treats.


  1. I'm waiting for my box - any day now. Is that an example of what I'm going to be knitting?

  2. Hell's yeah you're a serious competitor. I'm terribly impressed that you got it all done in under 90 minutes... I can't wait till I get tagged (*go Rag Time Gals*) Woo-hoo.

    thanks for the dinner idea, too. I always forget to go check Pioneer Woman's blog. Not like I don't have 84,997 other things vying for my attentions. And if you should choose to bandy about the words "sale" and "Amy Butler", that's okay with me. (Don't forget to mention the free shipping on orders over a hundred bucks, either. I heart you.)

  3. Escellent knitting work! Excellent dinner, too! Does JB admit his white trash roots? I think that's funny!

  4. Go Gaylen!
    Go Cotton Conquerors!

    I'm glad you liked the sock and blocker! YAY!

  5. Woo hoo... the game is ON! =} I'm on Deuces Wild this year...


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