August 11, 2008

It's the "Twins" Birthday

This was their first birthday and Lucy was really unhappy with the hat.
She ate it later :)


  1. Is it creepy or wrong to say that your dogs are so cute I want to nom their floppy ears? If so, then consider it unsaid...

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (Poor Lucy. She deserved to eat that hat.)

  3. Beau looks like he's tolerating the hat fine, but I can see that Lucy's upset. Ah, well, she needed the fiber in that hat, right? Love the picture of her curled up in the tiny dog bed, too! And everyone lined up waiting for treats is great; the twins must have been really young then, since they're not really any bigger than Dudley & Abby!

  4. ohmygawd, they are so flopsy, i just want to love em all up!!
    give em hugs from me, Dh and the boys!

  5. They are so darn cute! I can't believe they even kept the hats on long enough for you to get a photo - that wouldn't happen in our household.

  6. Love those puppy pictures! Looks like you have some loving snugglers. Happy birthday to the twins!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the photo of all the hounds in one shot!
    You mudt have had a treat in your hand!

  8. not sure i've seen baby blood hounds before...those pictures are so darn cute!


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