September 7, 2007

Hawaiian Monkeys Visit Maui

Remember this post? This is when I received the KnitPicks sock yarn from Camilla. I printed out the pattern for Monkey Socks from Knitty and cast that first one on July 4th. We were at a BBQ at our doctor's house and he kept asking that it get dark before I finished a sock! I didn't get that far, but I did get to the heel flap before I couldn't see anymore. I then immediately cast on the second one, but with everything I was dealing with to get The Princess moved, my tension was a little tight and the second sock had to go swimming. Camilla then taunted me, privately - in comments and email - to try toes-up and both socks at the same time. I got a little distracted because I'm not one to let a challenge go. Relaxing again while working on the toe-up for JB. I finally cast-on for the second monkey again. Just working it in sporadically. I finished the gusset shaping on the trip to the races a few weeks ago. Worked on monkey on the trip to the Airport. Here is the second Monkey - down on a rocky beach watching the rest of our group snorkeling. We don't like to get wet, so we stayed on the beach and finished the toe shaping. It's amazing what a few minutes of stolen knitting (it was stolen because every time JB would see me working on this sock instead of his, he would call me about complaining that his socks were taking forever!) The next morning I took the Hawaiian Monkeys and the camera for a walk on the beach. Finding a nice dry patch of sand, they decided to lounge in the sun for a minute or so. They really didn't like being covered in sand, and you should have seen the looks I got while trying to snap a photo! A couple of days later, I took JB, the socks and the camera to back to the beach. I wanted some great photos of the socks playing in Maui. It was super windy that day and I hate having my photo taken. The older I get the more I see my mother in photos of myself. Not necessarily a good
thing. I can't get past that enough to just smile and have a good time.
Anyway - JB isn't the finish knits photographer that some of your husbands and kids are.

But here they are - finished Monkeys in the KnitPicks Hawaiian color way. Yarn courtesy of Camilla, Pattern - Monkey from Cookie A as published in Knitty. Time to knit 3 socks - 2 months - give or take a week!


  1. Oh, that is a CUTE picture of you, i love it!!! It is a perfect representation of you, too...because whenever i see you, you are ALWAYS smiling and laughing about something. I am glad that you relaxed and smiled, and showed the TRUE Gaylen that i know and love so much in that pic!

  2. Great monkeys. What a perfect colorway too. Looks like they had fun frolicking in the sand.

  3. YEA- finished socks... and look at that sand... oooohhh........

  4. WoooHooo! Way to show the monkeys a good time! Type at you later... and you done good on the toe-ups. They fit a human foot, right? *wink* Cami

  5. sounds like a wonderful trip The pay it forward gift should be there any second, it got to Gill in england already let me know when it comes!!!!


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