September 23, 2007

Some Days are Just Like This

I have had a long, long weekend. Thursday I wasn't feeling well and came home from work early. Friday, I felt better. Went to Weight Watchers were I WI 3+ pounds lower than my last WI when we got back from Maui, but still above Goal+2 - UGH. I went with my neighbor and then we went to Costco. Where I spent way too much money - but thankfully, other than the 12 pack of croissants, I didn't buy junk. After I got my groceries put away, I sat down in the sunshine on the front porch with my sock and glass of water. The sun had me nodding off before I could even complete one round on my sock. So - I thought I'll just come in, take a short nap and then make chicken noodle soup for dinner. Right! I slept until 5:30! So no homemade soup. I had a fried egg sandwich for dinner and JB had left over pork roast, squash and beans. Saturday, I can't even tell you were Saturday went. We vegged on the couch for most of the morning. I made oatmeal with fresh blueberries for breakfast. JB cleaned the floors while I worked on catching the laundry up. We walked the dogs. He ripped his Eagles coat on a mailbox. He worked in the yard. I mended the coat. He ordered pizza for poker. I fed the dogs then picked up the pizza. He played poker. I surfed the net and went to bed at 10. Sunday - woo hoo! Sewing time! Spent the morning on the couch watching football. Made pancakes for break with raspberry syrup. Made chicken taco stoup for dinner. Finally got downstairs. Finished the pants that I was working on to go with the green wrap top (pictures to follow). Don't love them. Thought they would work okay, but the green bias is too different to the pants. I don't think they will work at all. Will be looking for opinions when I finally post those photos. Thought I would press some funky cotton prints for a quick KS3777 skirt. Pressed my fabrics. Got my pattern out - the pieces weren't in there. Now where could I have left them? Searched through the cabinets and finally found the pattern pieces. Now it's time to go make biscuits to have with the stoup for dinner. Hopefully I can at least make progress on my socks!


  1. You had one busy weekend lady. I think it is time to rest. I hope that you have beat your cold.

  2. Sounds like some of my days. I'm always forgetting to put the pattern pieces back especially after I have altered them. They end up getting lost somewhere in the house. I'm liable to cut fabric off of the end of my king size bed or at the dining table. I've even been known to lose pieces of fabric after it has been cut. LOL!!! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Busy weekend! I could just imagine the look on Mr. Jay's face when he ripped his precious coat! Love you both!


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