September 6, 2007

What do a Trip to the Races, a BaseBall Game and a Long Flight

Have in Common?
That's right! Plenty of uninterrupted knitting time. After knitting, and knitting, and knitting on the never-ending toe-up socks. They are finished.
They are made from Austermann Step in colorway 15. My co-workers all think they are too girly for a guy. But JB likes them.
This picture was taken our first full day in Maui. I wouldn't let him leave the hotel room until he tried the socks on to determine if they were long enough. After this - we (I use that term loosely) went snorkeling. We had a very long hike over a lava flow to get to a beautiful secluded inlet where everyone snorkled and I sat on a rocky beach and learned a new 'stretchy' cast off.
He hasn't tried the socks on again since I cast them off and I'm hoping the cast off was, in fact, stretch enough. I love how Miss Cami talked me into trying toe-up socks. She sent me a link for a fabulous invisible cast on and then just left me to flounder! I hope you are helping your sock club members a little bit more. :)
I have since found instructions for toe-ups with a gussett and heel flap. I ripped out a pair of socks I made JB a couple of summers ago, they are next to be cast on - right after I finish the 2 new projects started in Maui! Oh, and I'm very disappointed to say that they only place I could find to buy yarn in Maui was Ben Franklin - I can get yarn there at home!!!!! Silly Island!!


  1. Wow what a vacation trip!
    Hawaii has to be one of my favorite places on earth.
    That is funny about island not having a yarn shop! :)

    I just but some dark blue stripy Austermann Step sock yarn and I can't wait to try it.
    The yarn just seems so lovely.

  2. What a lovely picture.

    The socks are not girly especially on a harry man's leg. ;)


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