September 27, 2007

Is there a 12-step Program for This?

Before I get into why I need a 12-step program. Let me show you what JB did last night while I was at knitting. He made a doggie door! Yep - made it! This summer when the weather was warmer, we got into the habit of leaving the slider open when we were home, so the dogs could go in and out at will. Now that it's getting colder, we haven't turned the heat on because the door downstairs is wide open. However, we don't want to close it either. So, we started shopping for dog doors. Well, we have 2 very short dogs and 2 very tall dogs - although they are all about the same width :) According to the people who make dog doors a dog is proportionally at wide as they are tall. We have seen this in patterns too - ladies, really. That means to get a dog door tall enough for Beau & Lucy to fit through two large grown men could fit through - at the same time!! Plus, the little dog you see getting ready to go out the door in the photo - he afraid of his own shadow. So we didn't want to cough up the money for a custom door until we knew he would use it (he does). So, tonight he adds a drop down lockable cover for the opening and I get to make a heavy canvas flap for the opening. Then we'll see if little fat man will really go through it.
Okay - so onto the twelve-step program. Every time I go to knitting night - I feel compelled to purchase something. Lately, it's been sock yarn. Quite frankly, I would like to knit something other than socks, but they are small, quick, warm, useful, and extremely portable. But still! See that loverly basket filled with sock yarn hanks? Can you tell which is the newest addition? Recently, I have added the Pink and the Purple (last time I went to knitting). I think the pink is going to become a pair of gift socks. I think the purple is gift yarn for my K1T2 swap partner. I think - maybe the pink. Anyway - that only some of the sock yarn that come hanked - and not in balls. There is still a basket full of sock yarn balls.

Just in case you couldn't tell which was new - here it is before it was added to the bouquet of sock yarns in my sewing space. I love this orange! I don't know why - I'm not an orange person, but this color has been calling my name for weeks. So I gave in. I believe it will make some loverly orange gift socks. Anyone have a pretty pattern to suggest? (Oh, I just remember, there is Koigu I just mail ordered that's upstairs by my knitting chair that hasn't made it to the sock yarn hank bouquet!)

I believe the plan is going to be, to finish up the socks for me on the needles right now and then start on holiday gift socks. If I keep a pair of toe-ups on needles for JB and then work on a big project I should be able to complete something!


  1. Yay for the dog door. I hope after it is all finished that they will all go through it.

    I am the same way on knit night. Why do we feel that we have to buy something. Lately mine has been sock yarns. I am dyeing my own what do I need with more?? LOL

  2. Ahem... Little chihuahua doggie sweaters are " small, quick, warm, useful, and extremely portable" HINT, HINT. You make them, we can sell them on my doggie site. :) I'll post the ones I've been working on.

    And can I say you totally lucked out in the hubski department? How cool you have such a talented handyman for a hubski.

    I love that orange too. I've been into shades of tangerine orange lately as well.

    Maybe when I get better (physically and at knitting) I can go with you to knitting night. I can be your sponsor... or enabler. Whichever. :)

  3. I can SO relate! Lately for me, it is the worsted weight sockyarn from Lorna's Laces. LOVE IT!!!
    Awesome job JB on the doggy door! Hope little Tub Tub can (will) fit (willingly go) through it.

  4. Awesome about the doggy door - you have a good man there!

    I have the same addiction of buying at knitting night too... last night was $66 damage, but granted I got gifts for swap pals and a $36 sweater kit! :)

  5. Oh wonderful doggie door! That is what we need here!
    Beautiful yarn by the way!

  6. lol...dudley's butt!!

    and the sock yarn looks cute as a bouquet! You should use it as an accessorie!


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