September 25, 2007

What I Didn't Get Accomplished Over the Weeekend

Well, here's the photos of Butterick 5046. I shortened the top by 2" from the previous version and reattached the bias trim. I did not shorten the sleeves. And since I still haven't had this on my body, I'm not sure if I shortened it enough. After the initial fiasco with this top, I went shopping with a swatch in hand. The swatch even had the green bias on it. I ended up with a dark olive twill. I washed the twill several times to help soften it and then cut out the pants from the pattern. Even though I had all my current measurements (not the ones I was 6 months ago, or even the ones I want to be) and measured the pattern flat. I knew better. I knew I should have increased through the hips and then straight down. But no, I wanted to get moving on these because I only have one real opportunity to wear this outfit still - due to the weather. So I just plowed on ahead. I did sew it up with 3/8" seams rather than the 5/8" so I added a little bit of space. While I can get the finished pants on - they aren't super attractive. UGH! So, now I need to log much more treadmill time. For those of you who work out - how do you get back into your routine? I am having the hardest time with that. As a Parting Shot - I thought I would share with you what I wake up to on the weekends if I sleep too late. (Anytime after they think they should have eaten, really.)

They kill something. This weekend, thankfully, it was just a few of their toys. The most current casualty was their brand new sheepy toy. In the front, the pink blob is the sheep Lucy picked out when she had surgery in July. It made it a long time! The really gross part - they still love to play with the empty toy shells. Silly Dogs!!!


  1. My dogs do the same thing! Stuffed animals are not safe in our house.

    Regarding the exercise, the only thing that helps me is a buddy. My neighbor and I walk a few mornings a week before work. I supplement it with walks on my own and pilates.

    It is VERY hard for me to stay motivated.

  2. That is *so* cute! (And I had that pattern in my hand on Sunday and didn't buy it!)

  3. I think that's why my comforter gets attacked. In Dani's mind, it's nothing more than a really big stuffed toy. Although she did manage to actually catch and kill a real squirrel last week. Ugh. Chili sticks to the lizards. ;-)

  4. LOL, I've been picking up bits of stuffing all over since Lilah's been here...s he's been killing everything. We have a head-less Duck thanks to Dustee (March foster), and now its down a wing thanks to Lilah... lol

  5. Ah yes, the killer dogs - the little Maltese rips apart her stuffies almost right away but Abby hasn't figured that one out yet (whew!)

    As far as working out and being motivated - ha! I need to come back and read the comments because I have become a huge slacker in that area - I'm blaming it on acquiring a big puppy who has not yet figured out that walks are FUN!

  6. My Mom's dog would disembowl her stuffed toys too. Guess it is better that than something of yours.

    Sorry that the pants aren't what you had hoped. Put the pants in front of the treadmill, maybe that will give you the push that you need.

  7. I agree with Bonnie D., A buddy helps. Apart from the added motivation, you'll feel bad if you stand them up so (in theory) you won't.
    Good luck

  8. Oh My Goodness!
    That is what my house looks like after Elise tears up a stuffed toy to get to the squeaker!

  9. Gay ~ I love the shortened version with the new pants. The outfit just works now! :) So are you going to try the outfit on and take a pic so we can oooohhhh and aaahhhh over how great you look in it?!


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