September 17, 2007

Busy Saturday

My local ASG chapter put on a fabulous educational event this past Saturday. We had a full day with Dana Marie of Dana Marie design co. While I have new quite figured out how to add just the right amount of embellishment to make something pop but not be over the edge - I think I may have some ideas now. I did purchase some patterns from her as well as her book and some stamps. Of course I didn't get the stuff that I would really need to embellish an piece of clothing, like the fabric stamps or the discharge paste, but she's having an open house in November and I think most of our ASG will be attending that too! I can always spend more money there. By the time I got home, I was very, very tired. I told JB he could take me out to dinner on Saturday or brekky on Sunday and I gave him two choices for each. Then he went on a spilling spree, so at 8:30 I fixed dinner. I have pictures that go with Sunday - so I'll update that tomorrow. While sitting on the couch, I cast on and started another pair of toe-up socks, both on one circular for JB. Camilla will you quite pretending to be a busy shop owner with a gazillion kids and tell me how to do a heel? I don't like the last one I did, so I need to know what you did. This time I did your "Rock and Roll" increases and they worked great and went fast. I'm almost ready to add the extra shaping through the instep (which is just ribbing all around the sock) which JB likes. This pair is chugging right along! Okay - I'm past out of time, gotta get ready to go to the place that allows me to attend seminars, purchase stuff (I may possibly never use) and work on handcrafts until I can't feel my fingers or my eyes cross! Have a great day everyone.


  1. You were a busy woman this weekend. Sounds like a great time at your guild meeting. I am sure that you will purchase more. ;)

  2. Are you doing the 'widdershins' pattern from or just winging something together? I'm embroiled in mastering short row heels now, with an emphasis on not having the wrapped stitches look like hell. Let me know what you're up to and we'll work from there... and what color/print types would you be into for sample skirts? I have all of 'Belle' and 'Lotus', which you can see if Westminster's website is working now. Let me know. Cami

  3. What's a spilling spree?? Do tell.

    I guess I missed a great even with Dana. I had no idea who she was, and it was never really explained (I don't read my loooong ASG emails) so I guess my loss, eh? Well, I'll make a note of the November event, unless that's when my baby grandson is arriving.


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