March 4, 2007

Man Sweater Update

Last night I cast off both sleeves! I refused to go into the kitchen and cook dinner until they were off the circular needle! By the way - the recipe was for a vegitarian pot pie, since I can tell that my iron is really, really, low again - I added meat. Next time I will use a proper pie crust for the top rather than the phyllo dough. Otherwise, very good and make-again-able. Back to the Sleeves - the sleeve cap still looks high to me, but I know it's not and will fit fine. The sleeves no longer look like they will hang to JB's knees. I did have one issue with the pattern - it's the shapping notes. When you start decreasing, they have you mess up the rib pattern on the edges and create a 3 stitch stockinette border on the sides, then you do your decreases after those 3 stitches. The pattern says to 'work' them in the established stitch - however, when you do that - you lose the really nice angled row of shaping stitches. Thankfully, I figured that out early (I believe I completely blew it on the back piece but nobody will know except me - and anyone who might read this post!) so the ugly decreases will be hidden under the arm. I also managed to cast on for the front and work 8 rows on the smaller needles. Now, if I head to Puyallup with Little Miss today - I'll have her drive so I can work mindless rows of neverending 3x5 rib! I want this thing done!!!

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