March 16, 2007

It's Been One Year

since I started this little blog - for the sole reason of being able to leave comments on Carolyn's blog. Prior to Carolyn starting her blog, I would read Yarn Harlot religiously. I also really enjoyed Mardel, especially her knitting blog, and Liana. I also spent more time reading Sewers Guild (I can't remember now if this is actually the correct name) which sadly no longer exists. I participated in the first three (!) SWAPs hosted by Julie of Timmel Fabrics. Another of my favorite websites, was Gigi's now defunct website. I must say that once I saw a fabulous garment on Gigi's website and I emailed her to ask how she had added the placket to the neckline of a super cute t she'd made. She emailed me back with all the instructions I could ever hope for! Since starting this blog - I have found new friends - both virtual and real! For example I met Little Miss - and I like her and consider her a friend. In fact, I tricked her into becoming co-leader of our neighborhood ASG group with me :) She's so cool, she didn't even mind!

I met and chatted with Cape Cod Mary for quite awhile - we have a lot in common - we both have bloodhounds and basset hounds, we both work in the area of law, and we are both still learning with the sewing curve. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Mary in comments lately, she's blogless so I can't check on her that way - I hope she's doing okay.

It's funny how much of a connection I feel to you gals over the Internet. I feel -through reading your blogs, sharing emails and comments - that I actually "know you." I consider most of you 'friends' and I'm always shocked when one of you links to me! Also, I wouldn't think twice about trying to meet any of you if I was in your fair City for a vacation. And, what's even more amazing, my husband no longer thinks it's weird that I have to meet my 'virtual friends' in real life when the opportunity arises.

Through comments I have learned what your favorite fitting books and general reference books are. I have learned where the 'best' places on the Internet are to buy fabric (much to my husband's dismay). I have found people who can relate and support my issues with weight management and my fear of using "good" fabric. And I've found some really cool - new to me blogs. I'd like to send you guys to a few :) **Randi's I Have to Say **Done by Tuesday **Stephanie Sews **Gorgeous Things **Sew West (Nan Flan) **Stitches and Seams - who I 'knew' from reading the PMB threads **Newmans Needle

There are many, many more blogs that I read daily. What I have learned is that most of us are in the same boat, we're constantly learning new things, stepping outside our comfort zone, taking classes and sharing information. I simply cannot express how thankful I am for all the support I have found through this blog - and all of yours - for what can be a very solitary hobby.

I promise this weekend to update the links on my sidebar. There are a ton of knitting blogs that I read that aren't listed. There are several sewing blogs that aren't listed - I don't know why. I wonder - how many of you follow links on the sidebar? I tend to read comments (from my blog and others) and follow links from comment posters.

Often, I feel a self-imposed idea that I need to be funnier, or make you think more, or whatever. But you are still coming back and leaving comments, so I think I'll just continue what I'm doing. Posting thoughts, photos, ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. So, thank you all for a wonderful year in blogland and for all the support and encouragement that you offer. Thank you :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Don't change a thing. I love reading your blog just the way it is, just the way you are.

    I definitely follow sidebar links if I find one that's new to me.

  2. Happy One Year Birthday!! Keep up the good work - I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Gaylen - I feel honored that my blog caused you to start your own! A really good case of "begetting!"

    Happy Blog Birthday to you!
    Happy Blog Birthday to you!
    Happy Blog Birthday to youooyouu!
    And may you have many more sewing adventures!

    Looking forward to more in '07 and don't forget my jacket challenge, friend!

  4. Happy one year anniversary to blogging. Time flys when you are having fun!!

    Gaylen just be yourself. I don't consider myself a good writer at all. But by blogging I think I am improving. But what the heck, it's my thoughts and my space! As is your blog.

  5. Hi Gaylen -
    And Happy Anniversary! Haven't commented in a while, but I'm still checkin' in regularly! I do use your sidebar links, at least some of them. Love to see the hounds, of course.
    Thinking Spring,

    Cape Cod Mary


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