March 17, 2007

Guest Blogger

Beauregard James here. I'm taking over the blog today because I need to talk to Henry, Sheeba, Lucy, and any other doggies out there who's mom (or dad) makes them model their finished projects. Unless you're Trixie - it's just not okay! Remember when my mom did this (scroll down) to me? Well it's not okay! Sheeba - did you ever kill your mom? I hope not, because my mom really likes her blog, but I have noticed that you haven't been a featured model lately. At least that's good news. Anyway - look what mom made Lucy do!! Mom had been busy making aprons. She made lots of them over the holidays - One for the Princess (which is much cuter than this one, but the Princess won't send a picture). She made one for a friend of Dad's wife with card suites all over it. She made these 2 half aprons that have dogs (dogs!) on them. And she made another short pink one that she gave away. But she made Lucy model one of them. Lucy can't cook. She doesn't need an apron - I don't care how cute it is. If you could see Lucy's face - instead of just her back - well you could she that clearly isn't pleased that Mom made her wear an apron! Here's a far away picture of The Princess wearing the apron. You can see that she has her hands in the pockets. Anyway - Henry - my mom made these 2 aprons which are almost identical for your mom (but she has to promise not to make you or Fred model them) and the other one for Sunny's mom Yvonne. These aprons have rickrack all around them - down the panel seams, around the pockets and the hem. The only difference between them is one has pink rickrack and the other has white. So - Henry, post a message in the comments and tell me which one you want. I'll try not to get too much slobber on it when I box it up - but I'm afraid if I don't get it in the mail soon mom might try and make me wear it! Then I'd have to join Sheeba and kill her!! I'm a big handsome boy bloodhound, I definitely don't cook - I eat a lot all the time - but somebody else has to cook it for me! Now - I'm headed back to my bed to rest. All of this typing is tough! I don't know how the people do it so much - my feet are tired! Hope everyone gets to spend the day in exactly the way that makes them happy (for me, it's sleeping, eating, and playing with my toys!).


  1. Beau, you handsome dude you. Well, I think you'd look so studly in a tuxedo collar, maybe even a cumberbund, don't you think? Just make sure your mom doesn't make you wear a top hat. That would just look so silly, and besides, they are not in doggy fashion any more. Then we could meet for a couple drinks and some puppy chow. What do ya say, huh? Huh? Huh? **tail wagging flirtingly fast**

  2. Beau, my mom made me model Miss Shelley's (Tootsie Jane's mom) hat and scarf. Shelley is a girl and I am a boy. It was wrong of mom. Please send my mom white is more of a boy color, and Sunny will look good in the pink rickrack. Have you met Sunny? She is H-O-T!


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