March 26, 2007

Daisy Skirt Complete!

So, Saturday night was JB's monthly poker game. The potluck idea went over great although some people still showed up foodless and ate! But since nobody (but me-I don't eat BBQ) went hungry, I guess it was all good. Anyway - Claire showed up. After determining that her arms were no longer long enough for her to work on her tiny, tiny crochet thread - she managed to get another motif started. She is making the most incredible thread crocheted bedspread. While she was working on that - I worked on the pink and brown daisy skirt. After sewing the seam under the zipper 3 times - it finally looked great! I didn't serge or finish any of the seam at all - may be a bad move, but for now - I'm living with it. Although it didn't need it - I wanted something between the main skirt fabric and the polka dot border. I was thinking a decorative stitch in brown - but Claire suggested a ribbon. Sunday, after hemming the skirt, I headed out to JoAnn's. I had a little sample of the two pieces sewn together. I was on a mission. I had an idea, but was exactly sure what I wanted. I did however know what I didn't want. Then I saw button cards with 3 different colored daisy buttons - one pink, one purple and one yellow. Hmmm - the brown fabric is a daisy print. But there were only 2 button cards and I really wanted an odd number that wasn't one! So I dropped them in my basket and kept shopping. Next stop - the ribbon isle. I found a wide brown ribbon with white saddle stitching on it - would work, maybe. I also found a pink ribbon, again maybe. Then I found a plain white grossgrain ribbon - hmm. What I ended up doing was stitching the white ribbon to the edge of the two fabrics in the skirt with a double needle threaded with both brown and pink thread. I ended up finding another daisy button card, so after applying the ribbon I sewed three pink daisy buttons right over the ribbon at the seam where the front and side panels connect. I even sewed the hook and eye on - so it's complete! Now I want to make this sweater from Mag Knits to go with it. I was thinking of knitting the body in pink with a white trim where the blue is in the original pattern. I could get away with white - but as soon as I saw the dogs it would be dirty and that's a heck of a lot of work to only wear a couple of times before the dogs destroy it!!
Lastly - Thanks to Summerset, I have finally decided on a pattern for the brown polka-dot fabric. I'm really leaning toward the blue sleeveless view with the cross-over front and a full skirt.
Friday between doctor's appoints - I stopped by Hancock fabrics and bought a very pretty textured pink home dec fabric to make a jacket that will match with the polka-dot dress. I also got some white pique, some black/white ginham, some plain black and white cotton for linings and almost 4 yards of Gonzaga print cotton. You see - my boss is a huge Gonzaga Bulldogs basket ball fan - so PJ pants and most likely some pillows as a birthday gift!! Sunday - after shoping I decided that after purchasing materials to make the knit sweater above - I'm going to create from stash from now until we get back from the Grand Canyon at the end of May. Tomorrow - I'll list the projects floating around in my mind - more to keep me on track of what I want to get made.


  1. That is one cute skirt!!

    And I'll you just like I said to Claire ... SO JEALOUS you can both "play" in person. ;-)

  2. Ugh. Typos. "TELL you just like ..."

  3. You totally nailed the finishing on that skirt. It's exactly what it needed. Well done! So, did you sew on the buttons to your dress? Love ya!

  4. Your skirt is beautiful!! Where did you get the fabric? I want to make a dress with that fabric.


  5. Wow, that skirt is cute!! It will look great with that sweater, that you will probably knit in ONE day! I like the blue sleevless for the fabric you have too. You have a great upper body for sleeveless...lucky you!

  6. your skirt is wonderful. all of the details work together beautifully.



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