March 27, 2007

A Little Show & Tell

So - who knows what this is? Right, it is a shot of the bathtub in my masterbathroom. I was getting creative with photos this morning! But what else is it? Anyone? Anyone? It's the finished Man Sweater! Except for the front each piece of this sweater was knit twice - including the neck band. I then let it soak in a vinegar/water solution for more than 24 hours in an attempt to set the color. Then it got a gentle wash in cool water and baby shampoo. Now, it's resting. I might toss it in the dryer for a very few minutes on the fluff setting in an attempt to 'shrink' it just the tiniest bit. This Saturday is the Annual Basset Bash and JB is hoping to wear The Man Sweater - weather cooperating, Sunday will see lots of dog photos and action shots of the sweater! Next up - last night I finally finished the handwork on the Pink Dress. This is fabric that I bought at Expo. I tried it on last night and don't love it. I was right in thinking that it needed a slight alteration in the bodice for a sway back. It'll be fine and I'll wear it - but I might look for a belt. There is too much fabric in the back waist. Moral of the story - always go with your gut! In the Queue: *This morning I rethreaded the machines with black thread - since I already have the black graphic print cut in KS 3337 - it doesn't take long to assemble and this one has nothing fancy added to it - just down and dirty a new skirt. *After that I want to make a lining for the next version of the above skirt. I have 2 wonderful pieces of black and white print - one predominately black the other white. How I see this coming to life is with the black as the top portion of the skirt. I plan on binding the lower edge with a solid white fabric. The border will be the white fabric bound with a solid black. Instead of putting the two pieces together with a traditional seam - I will lap the seam so the white binding shows over the white fabric. This skirt will be lined with a lightweight white cotton. The reason the lining is being made next is because I then see a very pretty cotton lace showing from the bottom of the skirt. This lace has to be attached to the lining and has to be fairly substantial so it doesn't look like my slip is slightly too long, but like I intended for the lace to show. I couldn't find what I wanted - so over the next couple of tv nights - I will crochet the lace directly onto the lining all by myself! *While I'm crocheting the lace for the black/white skirt the actual project will be the dress from the purple box prints also from Expo. This one I have muslined, complete with a swayback adjustment, and won't take long to sew. I have way more plans - but that should keep me busy for awhile. So - I'll leave you with a parting shot. Abby was standing in the dining room this morning waiting to see which way I was going - into the living room or downstairs - come on Mom - make up your mind!!!

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