March 29, 2007

Black Graphic Skirt

is finished! Got it done in the past two morning of sewing instead of surfing! I used the El's technique for inserting an invisible zipper and it looks great!!! I am wearing it with a yellow knit top I made last summer. Hopefully, if I'm not too wrinkled when I get home, I can have a family member take a photo. Although I did have a Doh! moment. I forgot that on this skirt pattern I have adjusted it so it falls gracefully over my baby bearing hips, and that my waist is considerably smaller. So what I generally do is cut the waistband 2 inches larger than my waist, baste the top of the skirt and then ease the skirt to fit the waistband. All's good. Did it on this skirt - the Doh! moment - forgot to do it on the Daisy Skirt. Since I cut a good 4-5" off the waist band pattern piece I can guarantee the skirt will be too big! So, guess what I get to do tonight? Right! Pick out top-stitching and some stitching-in-the-ditch so I can take the waistband off, make it smaller and then reattach it! Sometimes, I need to stop and think.

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  1. Awesome, Gaylen! Can't wait to see it! Good for you for using the morning time so wisely! Hee hee.


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