February 8, 2007

More Knitting

Remember the baby hat I recently made and mailed off? Well that darling little girl has an older brother and sister. Since I had way more of the Rowan Handknit Cotton than I needed for one little hat, I made hats for brother and sister.
I believe that all of these hats originate from Itty Bitty Hats and then were republished in Knit It! I used left-over green from the stem of the petal hat to make this cute little square hat. The original pattern called for 4 stars of varying size - but I was too lazy to make all of them and sew them on. The cream used for the star is Tahki Cotton Classic and was a better choice than the pure white Rowan that was left over.
Next - this cute little hat was shown in 5 colors, knit in the round with the color changing every couple of rows! Not in my lifetime - this is a hat for a 2 1/2 year old. It's going to a woman who currently has 3 children under the age of 5. I doubt it will ever get washed - and definitely won't be hand washed if it ever does get washed.
So down into my sewing room I went. I knew that I had recently picked up a hank of Tahki Cotton Tweed and thought that the colors would work great and show the patterning. (Unfortunately, my photography skills are lacking - I'm working on it :D ) It's hard to tell as the hat is all bunched up on my Build-A-Bear, but the bottom is stockinette for 2" so it will roll, then there are a couple rows of garter, more stockinette, some seed stitch, etc. The crown is shaped very slowly.
The best part of this hat is the little bunch of stuff right at the top. I had enough of the cotton tweed to make 3 of the little curls, I used some green Tahki left over from another project and the dark and light pink from the petal hat. The Rowan Handknit cotton is stiffer than the Tahki and curls more - but I love it!
Finally, I tucked each hat into it's own envelope and addressed them to each of the older kids. So, not only will they get their own hats - they will get their own mail too! Some days it's tough being the older kids :) Hope these hats make it a little easier.


  1. Gaylen, Those are darling! How do you knit them up so quickly?? Beautiful color combinations and choices.

  2. Love the soft colours - perfect for babies and little kids!

  3. Claire, Nora - thank you both for the comments.

    Claire, I knit really fast and in the evenings when Hubby is watching tv. I'm burned out on The Man Sweater and these little hats have been the perfect distraction. g


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