February 20, 2007

Weekend Recap & What's Up Next

Recap So my weekend turned out great! Saturday I didn't do too much of anything. I walked dogs and then cleaned house and after all those chores, I spent some time sewing. Sunday - I got up, put the dogs out and headed back to bed. I made french toast for breaky and then JB and I walked dogs. After a bit, I went shoping and found that great brown polka dot fabric! Love it. Then I made a fabulous dinner from one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks. This was yummy chicken with sauted mushroom, spinach & artichokes. It was very good. After dinner - more sewing was accomplished. Monday - I got up early and walked the big dogs all by myself! Then I came home and fed all the dogs. I met 3 of my girlfriends for lunch of spinach enchiladas. After visiting our way through a 2 hour lunch! 3 of us headed over to Great Yarns were we took over the shop and sat and knit for 3 hours! We chatted, shopped, foundled yarn, and knit. Good fun was had by all!!! I bought 2 balls of sock yarn - one for JB and one for me. When I got home - my D1 was back on my sewing table!!! I was so excited. I don't think that litte brother has ever moved so fast! Put away it has been. Yea, I have my real machine back! I finished up a pink 1/2 apron and have 2 more aprons cut out. After that it's all clothing. Next JB is taking a class for work on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks. So that means I have the house to myself until 10 p.m. Tonight I have a few chores to get done (garbage to curb, balance checkbook) a workout to get in and then the evening is mine! I plan on starting work on a couple of dress muslins. I don't want to cut into good fabric until I know if the dresses will fit. So, a relaxing crafting evening is planned.

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  1. Sounds like a fab weekend! And nights to yourself to sew? Awesome.


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