February 12, 2007

I've Been Spending Money

but not doing a whole heck of a lot of sewing. I got everything pre-washed and put away (bad move personally), but I didn't photograph anything.
I bought a whole wack of Vogue patterns - this Spring is looking like dresses for me.
Friday found me with a day off work and sick dog :( The Beau man has an ear infection again, poor boy. First I met The Princess at WW, then we hit JoAnns and both of us spent money! Then I ran home, grabbed the dog and went to the vet. After that I did a very few Cinderellas, hopped on the treadmill, then sat down to clean up my sewing space and sew.
JB is still sick. I finished up the apron for the wife of on of his poker buddies. It turned out pretty cute. Then JB decided to dig through my sewing room garbage! Men! He pulled out some scraps of the fabric and asked why I was throwing it out.
Well I don't know about you - but I don't save scraps anymore. I don't particularly enjoy quilting, although I have tried it. My personality is too matchy/matchy and quilting isn't necessarily. Plus I would rather make clothing, so I quit saving scraps that were less than 1/2 yard. After cutting out the apron - there were random small scraps that got tossed into the trash.
Well there were enough bigish pieces to cut 12 3.75" squares from the card print. I cut the back squares from the same yellow accent used on the apron. I cut 24 square of batting and then layered them all together. I sewed around them with a straight stitch and then trimmed them with a wavy edged rotary cutter. JB now has 12 small (3.5" square) coasters to use at his monthly poker gatherings. Hopefully, he'll be happy with this for awhile and stay out of my space.

In other news - I finished the back of The Man Sweater on Sunday night. Hoping to get the sleeves cast on again today :)


  1. LOVE the coasters. How clever is that?? Hope you have a great week!

  2. Those coasters are great! What a great use of "scraps".


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