February 5, 2007

Do You?

Make your own workout clothing? Where do you find the fabric? Is it hard to work with? I realized on Saturday morning, that with my new schedule of working out - I'm always in workout clothes. I get up and put on my yoga pants, a t-shirt and my rain coat and head out of the house with JB to walk the dogs. That's what I'm wearing when he leaves for work. I do change and put on work clothes, but that's not what I'm wearing when he gets home. Most days by the time he gets home I'm already dressed in my afternoon workout wear and usually half-way through my workout. Right now I'm have long black yoga pants, some short dark grey yoga pants, a couple of tanks (that are pretty boring) and old oversized t-shirts. I figure if all he's ever going to see me in is workout wear maybe I could step it up a notch. So, can y'all help me out and tell me where to find the appropriate fabrics? For the record - after 2 weeks I'm down 6# and getting tired. When does the increase in energy from all this working out kick in? Did a tiny bit of sewing this weekend - finished up the apron for The Princess, got 2 more aprons cut out, but didn't sew a lick. I can't wait to get my real machine back. Went to JoAnn's and bought some magazines and mostly knit all weekend. I finished another baby hat, and have the yarn to start a few more. I also made progress on The Man Sweater - I have 4 rows until the armhold shaping on the back - for the second time! Right now I'm off to find lunch - what are you having?

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  1. It's been a while since I made workout clothes, but when I did, I liked the good cotton lycras I got from Wazoodle.com.

    The heavier weights of cotton lycra were easier to sew with, because they didn't curl up as much on the edges. The only problem I came across was excessive stretching as I wore things. I've learned that I need to cut my yoga pants a size smaller. The top I made had to be taken in as well.


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