February 14, 2007

Can Anyone Relate?

Sometimes JB makes me so frustrated. He gets on these tangents were he thinks he has the right to tell me what and how I should spend my free time when I'm crafting. Apparently, if I'm knitting, I'm not spending enough time sewing. If I'm sewing, then I'm not spending enough time knitting. If I don't use the swift and ball winder, then they weren't a good gift and obviously I don't need them. So anyway, last Sunday we were having dinner with friends. This friend just happens to quilt and make fabulous quilts. I however, don't quilt. I don't like to, I don't enjoy the process and it completely stresses me out. Sunday, while we are standing in our friend's kitchen, my husband proceeds to start the "Why aren't you more like . . . " conversation. Why don't you quilt. Why do you throw little pieces of fabric away. Why don't you spend more time knitting. I mean come on! Do you know exactly how pissy pants he would get if I told him how he should garden? A couple of times in our married life I have asked for a particular plant and asked if it could be in a certain place in the yard so I could see and enjoy it, he always says no - it won't work there, too much sun, too little sun, whatever. Okay - I've lost my rage on this subject and I'm not sure I'm making any sense at all anymore so I think I'll get some more work done, drink some more sweet tea in an attempt to soothe my sandpaper throat and make an attempt to go home early :)


  1. G - I understand what you mean about quilting. I love them, but am not inspired to sit and sew them.

    Hugs on the hubby frustration. I have no words of advice, just a friendly ear. My experience in the hubby department is sorely lacking!

  2. LOL! Yes...I can relate! Not so much on hobbies, but on the way I arrange the kitchen...how I cook eggs...I can get all 'stay outta my turf!' at times. Consequently, DH cooks his own eggs (and has since about, oh, the 2nd month of marriage). I just rearrange the dishwasher after he leaves. Sigh.

  3. ahahaha, laughing at the comment about rearranging the dishwasher! been there, done that! I would love to have to do it now, but our new house (we just moved, to an old farm house) has no dishwasher!
    I was always tempted to complain about the dishes, but then reminded myself that at least he put them IN there in the first place!
    I hear ya, G....hang in there, and blog about it to get your frustrations out!

  4. The door to my sewing room locks. NO ONE is allowed in there, much less to look through the trash!

    After I ruined too many of his shirts, hubby does his own laundry now. He says it's to help me out. I think he just doesn't trust me, but hey, one less person to wash for!

    Try fitcouture.com for ideas on workout clothes.

  5. Ha! I love how you wrote that... and you can rant all you like - it's your blog!!

  6. If he actually says, "Why aren't you more like . . .," you should respond with, "If you like her so much, why don't you marry her?" It's pretty juvenile, but it gets their attention every time.


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