March 27, 2009

Sue's Super Surprise

A couple of weeks ago I was "chatting" with Sue. She got a new sewing machine and then I got a new sewing machine. I've been encouraging her to just play with hers and she's been asking how mine is working. Well she mentioned that she was off to JoAnn's to get supplies for a secret sewing project. I asked about it, but she said I'd just have to wait and see.
Well today I found out. I got an email from Fed-Ex that a package had been delivered. Followed by an email from Sue saying it's there. JB had brought it in and put it on the kitchen table. Thankfully it wasn't heavy!
First there was a beautiful handwritten note (lovely handwriting you have Sue). She said the secret project started just for me, but since JB is home recovering she added a special project for him too. Can you see it? It's an eagle dressed in Philadelphia eagles helmet and jersey carrying a football. I'd guess it's the Eagles NFL mascot, but I don't know that for sure. He loves it. The back is Eagles fleece and there is football trim around the front. The design is cross-stitched by hand and is absolutely perfect.
But seriously - look at mine! First glace makes me thinks it's my boys. But the bottom dogs looks like Abby to me - a lot! So, if I can't identify them correctly I'm sorry Sue (see I told you I couldn't even identify my own dog by their parts). I do know the top is Beau - my heart dog :)
This made my year! I'm not kidding. I've had a crappy start to the year for many reasons and this makes a huge difference.
Also included in the box - a noisy, ropey football and some doggy oreos! Thank you so much - we love it all.


  1. What a great package! Sue's cross stitch is incredible, isn't it?

    I'm sure the basset can be both doggies if you like...

  2. I sort of had the two boys in mind, but I didn't really try to make them exact. They're kind of a generic combination of each dog. I'm so glad you like them.

  3. What a GREAT surprise... very cool!

  4. How cute!!! That's great!! What an awesome surprise.

  5. Those are wonderful! And how thoughtful of Sue to include a present for your probably bored and somewhat grumpy convalescent!

    I thought the Bassett looked like Dudley - Abby's whiter.

  6. Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.


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