March 21, 2009

Shave and a Haircut

How about new haircut and color and new glasses?
Not a great photo to show the cut or color, but you can see my new glasses.
I'm happy - hope to have more sewing to show tomorrow.


  1. Like the new look. Of course, I'm biased, I've had very short and very blond hair for many years.

  2. must be something in the air. i just had about 3 inches chopped off my hair too. the cut looks great on you

  3. very cute...i like it all. the frames are fun, and look great on you!

  4. Great new look. Love the glasses. They look so you!
    Blog's back up. New URL. Come by to see us, there's a message there for ya

  5. Kudos! Love the changes. I'm not at all happy with my latest cut... I need a new stylist, but gee that's scary...


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