March 4, 2009


One of the things I decided was important to me this year was dressing more like a grown up. I would like to find/create a pants pattern that doesn't look like I'm always wearing jeans. Already, I wear more skirts and dresses than jeans, but still. I also wanted to pare down the number of crazy cotton skirts that I wear. I love making skirts from quilting cottons, they are fun and flirty. But maybe not always appropriate for a woman in her mid-40s. Well, at Expo I saw this border print and fell in love - I had to have it.

I will be making a skirt from this fun print. I just have to figure out which one. Simplicity 5914 is a tried and true pattern for me, but it's got 6 gores. I don't want to have seams down the front breaking up the border print, so I'll need to play with figuring out how to combine the pieces and then just add darts at the top to finish the seams. I'm not sure how to do this so I'm might stall the progress. My other pattern option is Kwik Sew 3098. I had this pattern perfected, but I've added a bit of padding so I would need to retrace the skirt and start over, but I have made the short skirt cutting the front piece on the fold and it worked great. The KS skirt is also a bit straighter than the Simplicity.

What would you do?


  1. What would *I* do? Surely, you don't mean me, but it is a pretty fabric!

  2. What would I do? Well, i would buy, fold it nicely and add it to the stash. Good thing that YOU are not ME!
    Can't wait to see what YOU do with it though, it is too cute!

  3. What would "I" do????? Make a relatively plain A-line skirt with no seams in the front. That fabric is so cute. Wouldn't want to break up the border design with seams.
    Sounds to me like you need another 'go-to' pattern.
    It will look really pretty on you.

  4. I agree, make as few seams as possible to avoid cutting up the print. It's really cute fabric. I am always attracted to border prints then have problems deciding how to use them.

  5. Make a somewhat flared A-line skirt with no front seam. You will really enjoy it.

    As far as the prints go, nevermind your age! My grandmother started wearing staid, boring solids when she got into her 40s, and when she hit 60, she decided that she should go back to bright colors and prints. I remember her once showing up wearing a pair of pants with cabbage roses on them, giant cabbage roses, when she was about 65, and declaring, "Aren't these pants fun?" My dearly beloved, always a womanizer, commented to me the first time he ever met her, "Your granny's a babe for an old lady! You'd better age like her!" So enjoy your prints; your age is someone else's problem, not yours.

    The verification word is "queen". Did they contact the princess to figure that one out?

  6. How about a sheath dress? Then you could match the side seams...add a blue piping at the neckline and armholes or short sleeve hems. It would take it up a notch and make it a cute fun and funky summer dress.

  7. i think i would have to just sit and look at it. -so- cute!
    can't help in the garment area but i did want to say nice find!

  8. How about McCalls 4783? I think it would work great.

    I happen to have this that I'm giving away - sizes 14-20. It's yours if you come get it asap or else it goes to the High School on Friday.

  9. I didn't comment on the time as the picture doesn't show up on my screen - only a triangle with an exclamation mark. I saw a picture of a fabric that I have in my stash at the bottom of your current post and clicked on it and it brought me here. If your fabric is brown with pastel coloured "painted" flowers then it is the same as mine. I want to do M6554 dress with it one day. Did you end up using yours? Oh and BTW - I am in my 50s and don't think I am too old for the fun.


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