March 16, 2009

Her Name is Chan-non

Friday the UPS man rang the bell. Apparently the dogs bell didn't go off because I was downstairs and didn't know anyone was here. When I came upstairs to start dinner - I saw a box on the bench in the entryway. I was very confused I didn't order anything and I didn't recognize the name on the box. JB's wallet has been in the upstairs bathroom since Wednesday so I know he didn't order anything. Well I very gingerly opened the box - I mean who was sending me something? Well it was Channon. The first thing I pulled out of the box was paybacks for sending her some less expensive sock yarn with aloe. So she returned the favor and send me some Sock-Ease also with aloe. Also is the box was the this lovely hank of sock yarn from the Alpaca Yarn Company. The color way is called Potluck and I'll be very interested to see how this knits up. I can never figure out when it's hanked what the multi-colored yarns will do. Will it stripe? Pool? Who knows the answer?
So, here's the full contents of the package -minus the really cute card with the daisy on it. There was one more item in the package - it was a jar of pumpkin butter. You see Channon and I share a love of all things pumpkin. Tomorrow morning I believe there will either be pancakes with pumpkin butter or toast for breakfast.
Thanks Channon - It's great. I'm sure you'll know as soon as I start knitting with it.


  1. You're very welcome! I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to arrive...

  2. What pretty yarn, but it all looks autumn-ish. You need to work with your spring yellows and greens. I'm always a season ahead or behind with my yarns and fabrics. I just use whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

  3. OOh I love surprises! Great yarns. I want to learn to knit, but I think I have a mental block!

  4. I bet the Potluck will be really pretty. :-) My fave is Apple Butter. Mmmmm.


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