March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Miss C!
Today is my friend Camilla's birthday. As the joke goes - she's 29 and holding, holding everything she can. Well maybe not. So, here's the deal, go wish her happy birthday in her comments box. And tell her a little story - see she's obsessed with the Twilight books, movies, whatever. Give her a reason why Bella should be frightened or why Edward is a stalker. I'll draw names from her comments and let Lucy pick a winner for a cute prize to be determined on Thursday.


  1. I don't know Camilla, but wished her a happy birthday anyway. I've not read the Twilight books, so couldn't comment about those, but everyone deserves a myriad of birthday wishes for a 29+th birthday, right?

  2. Happy Birthday to Miss C... I'll be 29 with her!

  3. Hey, your pretty, new sewing-baby in the post below is FAB! I hope you get time to play. Good luck to the mister on his drug-induced nap tomorrow. Perhaps you're box o' goodies will arrive by Thursday and you can prop him on the couch and sew, sew, sew! C... who has freely admitted to 39, but I'm going 'immortal' after this birthday, dammit.

  4. and that should have been YOUR box of goodies. see, i'm already dumber... alzheimer's so soon?


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