March 1, 2009

Expo 2009 Part 1

Saturday morning I got up with JB and the first thing I did was disappoint the dogs. See our morning routine was off and so they thought they were going for a walk. What was really happening is that JB and I were both getting ready to leave the house earlier than normal for a Saturday. Once I met up with my group we headed down to Puyallup. Our first real money spending spot was Superior threads. I bought a large cone of a pink and brown variegated thread to use for top-stitching on a jean jacket that has been cut out for a couple of years. I'm ready to finally finish it. I had my brush with fame yesterday too. I went by the Nancy's Notions both. I was thinking about picking up a copy of Fitting with Confidence but wanted to know how it was different from Fitting Finesse. Well none of the volunteers knew, but Nancy herself was in the booth. She came over to talk to me and answer my questions - she said, and I quote: "It's not, save your money." How cool was that? I did purchase some fabric. Even one piece of knit for a tee- or a tank. But I was only able to find one really cool knit - guess I'll have place an order with Ann.


  1. Checked out the fabric site and am crazy about some of the prints. Now I guess I have to start sewing again.

  2. When I helped Cheryl (Homestead Specialties) at her booth at Nancy Zieman's sewing expo in Madison, Nancy made her way to every booth and every vendor and thanked them for being there. Now that's a kind and gracious person so I'm not at all surprised that she took time to answer your questions and give you an honest opinion.

    Great knits are hard to find aren't they?

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. Okay where have I been? I didn't realize you were going to Expo!!! I need to follow along a little more closely! :)

  5. Glad you had a good time and got an honest opinion. I'd have a dozen jean jackets if I could sew. (I should make a list. I bet if I saw all the if I coulds together...)


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