March 13, 2009

Behind on Thanks

Some you know that The Princess went on a yarn crawl before coming to visit last weekend. And some of you even know that I left a few snarky comments on her posts about said yarn crawl as well as very detailed message about what would be an appropriate gift for a knitting mom.
Well, as you can see, my boy Beau thought the yarn was for him. Thankfully he only likes really expensive mohair yarn and this is not that.
This is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Nantucket Red. This is yarn that I cannot purchase locally and there are four yarn stores within 10 miles of my house in any direction. Seriously - 4!
So, I'm thinking that the kid did good. Should be a nice way to spend a few more days nursing JB - who's finally figured out how to manage his pain rather than chase it.


  1. Hooray to the Princess, what a great daughter for a great mom!!

  2. Glad you like the yarn. The pictures look like he's guarding it...very cute :)

  3. the yarn looks scrumptious. and glad to hear JB is doing better. i know men can be big babies, but i do feel sorry for him. his surgery sounds so painful and it is awfully hard to get around without using a shoulder.

  4. that last comment was from me. i highjacked ds's computer and forget he was logged into google with his user name.

  5. The yarn looks yummy. What a nice way to spend a weekend. I'm off to the fabric store. I have a special project I'm working on.

  6. What a good daughter! Now, what pattern does the yarn want to become?


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