August 10, 2008

Lazy Early Fall Sunday

The weather today felt more like an early Fall day rather than a Summer Sunday. JB turned the Olympics on and I spent the day reading Lakeside Cottage by Susan Wiggs. This was a light, easy read and I enjoyed it. I do wish that occasionally they would take the story further than just the happy ending - I mean really.
I did take the skirt apart from the bodice on the Take Two dress and take it to my ASG meeting yesterday. Let me just say, I was sadly disappointed in the response from the women there. After hearing that it was too tight and you can't just add a skirt to a dress, they aren't meant to fit the same. Then having them not listen - when I wore the dress out with JB, he kept pulling the shoulders up to get the back to lay flat. All I really wanted was to have the back pulled down to get it to lay flat. I couldn't get them to understand that I didn't care if my bra showed. The reality of my shape is that I don't have much of a bust and if necessary, I could go braless while wearing the dress and it wouldn't affect anything. So this morning I had JB pin it they way I was hoping. Personally, I think it looks good, I was happy at being able to join the two different elements, it's comfortable, and it's easy to wear. I will reattach the back and wear it in good health.


  1. Don't want a happy ending? Read a James Patterson book. I read one this weekend, and was reminded why i don't read his books. The guy that you have thought was an ok guy throughout the book usually turns out to be a sick frak, and there is no happy ending to be had AT ALL.

  2. Good for you. You know what you like and what looks good on you!

    Books. I need to make time for some of those that aren't knitting related.

  3. Yeah for JB! I'm glad he listened. (And it is okay to mix and blend pattern pieces!) Glad you are happy with his fix 'cause it is a great dress.


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