March 30, 2007

What is Happening to Me?

I hate having my picture taken. Why can't I look all fab and glamorous like Erica, Beki (even without her head) or any of the Diva's. But no, I always look stupid. Plus - I really look like I need some sun! That would be Miss Abigail at my feet - she always has to be the center of attention. This skirt was great fun to wear all day. Didn't wrinkle at all! I felt feminine and swooshy.

shy! Hubby didn't do a great job with the photography and you can't really see how cool the print is! Trust me ~~ it's a great black cotton with white swirls all over it! I ran out of the skirt and trouser type of waistband hooks, so it is held shut with a safety pin - but nobody knew that until right now!!

I'm wearing it with the yellow t-shirt I made last summer and think it would work well with any bright solid color top. Eventually it will be worn with Vogue 2561. That top will be made in a white cotton pique with black gingham trim. This is the top done in green and white on the cover of the December/January 2007 Vogue Patterns Magazine (sorry I wanted to link but there was no photo!).

Okay, so back to the title - what is in the world is happening to me. I love to make clothing, but once they are made I'm done with them. I rarely alter anything - ever! Don't care how much I love it. If there is something wrong with a garment after it's finished, well it doesn't get fixed, it just doesn't get worn.

I finished the Pink Vogue dress and posted a photo of it hanging on my fabric cupboard a few posts back. When I tried it on - there was a ton of excess fabric right at the small of my back! It was icky! I felt uncomfortable. Well I love that fabric and the dress would be very fun to wear - full skirt, shawl collar. Didn't want to give up on it. So last night, before falling asleep on the couch at 8:30, I unpicked the back waist seam. This morning I adjusted the bodice only to take out some of the excess fabric from the bodice, sewed the seam and tried it on. It fits much better - unfortunately, the waist seam is now much higher than my waist in the back. I think this is a much better option that the extra fabric - at least now I'll wear it. And because I only took the excess fabric out of the bodice - the hem is still even. I might still need to find/make a belt to wear with it to hide the rising seam (not that anyone but another seamstress would ever know). But I think I'll wear it to work today - I'm happy. I actually altered something after the fact!!

Today I will leave you with a photo of Miss Abby trying to suffocate herself in an ice cream bucket! I know - dogs aren't suppose to have people food, but mine have always got to clean the empty ice cream carton and it was her turn. It's funny, because she deliberately sets the carton upright and then puts her head in - clear up to her eyebrows! She can only lick the carton so long before she has to come up for air. Silly dog :)


  1. My dog, Hoover, does the same thing! And when I had two labs, they used to both try to stick their snouts in the ice cream bucket at the same time!

    You look lovely. Here's my fabulosity-in-photos hint: Photoshop!

  2. That skirt is fabulous, and you look just fine. Blame the lack of suntan on Washington weather. I know what you mean though about family photographers. A really good photographer knows how to make you look good in a photo, no matter what, and to make you feel good about yourself. Those photographers are rare. And family photographers don't really care - they're just snapping the pic.

    Love little (hehe) Abby there. She's so sweet.

    Glad you adjusted the dress. I think you will love it.

  3. You look great and the skirt is beautiful!

  4. Gay - the skirt is really pretty and you don't look that bad! I understand about taking pictures though, I always feel like I have to put on my game face to get through it because things just don't look the same on a hanger as they do on the person!

  5. Hmmm, i know two Vizslas who eat ice cream the same way.
    The skirt is too cute...and those them!

  6. You look lovely in photos :-) I know what you mean though. I want to show photos wearing the clothes I've sewn, but I hate having my photo taken (and my hubby hates doing it).

    I sure enjoy when you post photos of Abby - what a character.

  7. Aww, you look great! I love the skirt :)


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