March 6, 2007

Expo Love

This is the first piece of fabric that I bought. I love it! I bought 3 yards and it's 45" wide. I was thinking shirtdress, but then Claire and I decided that a halter type button down dress would be better. I just happen to have Vogue 8063. Sunday night, I measured myself and preped the pattern tissue. I rarely cut the tissue, bu this time I did. I got the muslin made last night and it needs some help - I have gaping at the armholes and some funny wrinkles at the back - but my ASG meeting is Saturday and they'll help me work out the fitting issues. Next up - I found this fabulous 60" wide peachskin (but it doesn't feel like a peachskin at all) at Vogue Fabrics booth for $6.99 a yard! I bought 5 yards - because I knew it wanted to be a wrap dress - similar to the Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan Dress which is popping up here and here. However, I don't have that pattern! But I do have both Vogue 8315 and Simplicity 3877. In my opinion, the Vogue pattern is just too full but in the words of Goldilocks - I believe the Simplicity Pattern will be "just right." I plan on working on a muslin for that tonight. I'm learning toward View B, but I also want sleeves - so I have to decide if I want the cap sleeve or a long sleeve - I don't love the elbow length sleeve. Next up were these great cotton prints! The background on the diasy print is chocolate brown. The petals are white with pink centers. This is a quilting cotton. I plan on making the same Kwik Sew 3337 as my Amy Butler Skirt. However, this one will have the banding on the bottom of the skirt. In this case it will be the tiny pink with white polka-dots. It's gonna be so cute! I have this Friday off - so the agenda will include a quick Kwik Sew skirt and a white t-shirt. Which will debut at ASG on Saturday. What a fun summer skirt.
The same quilting vendor had the fabulous brown huge rick-rack! I don't have any idea what I will do with it, but I bought 2 yards. I just love it! It's so fun.
Finally - the last piece of fabric I bought was a Liz Claiborne wool (I think - burn testing may be in order). It was $3.99 a yard at Vogue Fabrics. I bought 2 yards. Now I'm wishing I bought enough to make a skirt 'suit.' Although while I was showing Claire my sewing space and fabric storage - I have at least 4 pieces in the cupboard that have enough yardage to make both a skirt and a jacket. Since I've never made a tailored jacket - maybe I should just back off! Anyway - this is sage and taupe on a cream background and will make a great straight skirt for work. I think I might have a knit or two in some or all of those colors to make coordinating tops, cardigans, twin-sets, sweaters - whatever to work with this skirt. This will be an outfit that is way more professional looking than my office has ever pretended to be - but I just dress how I'm comfortable and let them tease me for looking professional! I know I work better when I'm dressed for working :)
Okay - speaking of working - time to get ready. Hope everyone else has great sucess at their upcoming sewing Expos!


  1. Love it ALL!!
    Okay, you have inspired me. Found an easy skirt pattern in my Sew Fast Sew Easy book, and i will run to the quilt store and make a cute little skirt. I already have the fabric picked out...was eyeing it last week!

  2. Great fabrics! I have the same peachskin print purchased from Vogue Fabrics at the sewing expo in Mpls.

    I vote for Simplicity 3877. I just finished a dress from this pattern the other day. I also have begun Vogue 8315, but I am having some fit issues with it. The skirt on the Simplicity pattern is great, full without being too full.

    Can't wait to see the cute Kwik Sew skirt.

  3. Love the fabrics and the combinations! And I am going to encourage you to try a jacket - start with one of the Loes Hinse ones that are lined but give a great finished result. You can do it! I know you can!

  4. Cute fabrics! Our expo is in two weeks and I can't wait to see all the great fabric up close and personal! Of course, some will have to make its way home with me!


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