March 3, 2007

Bad Blogger

Again, I haven't been blogging. I've had a very bad week. JB and I were having a major disagreement. I'm still not completely over this Winter's lingering head cold and I'm majorly pissed at a co-worker. However - that changes today. JB and I got things all worked :) Much happier in my household now. Last night we went out to dinner. This morning, while vegging on the couch, drinking coffee I swatched for a new sweater. I did this once before and forgot to write down what I ended up with. I like using exactly the size needle called for in the pattern, but I'm ending up with 3/4" more width and 1" more length than I need. This is a cardigan, so I'm not worried about the extra length and will just do a little math to see if the smallest size sweater will fit me. (Wow! Never in a million years did I ever think I would say that!!) I also planned out this week's menu - if anyone cares - this is what dinner will look like in my house this week -
  • Saturday - Turkey Pot Pie
  • Sunday - Chicken Taco Stew
  • Monday - Cuban Style Pork Roast with red beans & rice
  • Tuesday - French Onion Soup
  • Wednesday - Beef Carnitas
  • Thursday - Baked Ziti with Meatballs
  • Friday - Liver & Onions (not my favorite, but JB loves it and we are having company for dinner who actually requested it - strange, I know)
  • Saturday - we will going out to dinner with friends.
So, as soon as I hit publish I'm headed to the shower and then the grocery store. I might make a brief stop in the kitchen to clean out the fridge. Last Wednesday I got a haircut. I have been using the same stylist for about 7 years now. I am really, really ready for a new style. So, I tried a new salon and a new stylist. I came home with exactly the same haircut, just shorter! I'm so disappointed. I'm thinking I'd like to try something like Jodie Foster's Oscar Haircut, or Meg Ryan's French Kiss haircut (sorry, I'm too lazy to find photos.) I did do some sewing this week. I finished the last two aprons cut out. They are super cute and destined to be gifts for friends. I'm hoping to get a model who's not a dog and post photos soon. I think tomorrow I might head out the Sewing Expo in Puyallup with my friend Claire (Little Miss). {Again, please forgive me, I'm feeling too lazy to find links :P } There are a few things that I need to shop for if we make it down - snaps for the Western Style skirt, polka dot fabrics, and a new skirt pattern or two. I would like to find some wool fabric and maybe a few other things that I have been itching to try. Hope everyone else has a great sewing weekend! I'm off to do my least favorite chore ever - grocery shopping!!

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