May 23, 2019

Bias Print Fringe

I have loved the Chalk & Notch Fringe Dress from the day it was released.  I have 2 beautiful rayons in the stash cupboard destined to be fringes.  But it took me until right before this year's vacation to actually make one up!

*Note to Self:  If you are going to take months to blog something start using your sewing journals to take notes.  Also, don't thrust your belly forward when you stand.

As you can see from the Note to Self, I'm having a hard time remembering what I did for this dress.  I used a beautiful, lightweight rayon with a bias plaid printed on it.  I bought this fabric, years ago - I would guess it was close to 19 years ago by now at a fabric store owned by Nancy Cornwell (of Polar Fleece fame) that closed in 1999.  In my mind, this fabric was always destined to be a dress.  When I decided to make fringe before vacation, I pulled this piece out.

This fringe was perfect for vacation!  The fabric was a little too thin to be worn for anything other than a swimsuit cover up.  But, it was absolutely perfect to throw over a swimsuit.  Also, when I were make it again, I'll add length - again, the length is perfect for over a swimsuit, but it's a bit short for life.

I will make this dress again.  At least twice more as I have a beautiful black and white floral from LA Finch and a beautiful red, white and blue floral that one of the NY Sewcialists picked up for me.  Both fabrics were purchased with this dress in mind.

I think it would be fun to put the facing on the right side with this pattern.  You could use the same fabric or a contrasting fabric.  The shape is so fun that it would be a wonderful way to highlight the interesting neckline.

Standing still with no wind blowing, the length is sort of okay.  But it feels really short to me and I'm just old enough to feel uncomfortable bending over in this dress.  So - at least 4" of length added for sure.  And maybe making the shirt tail hem not quite so drastic?  Thoughts on that?  See - I'm not a huge fan of high/low hems, but this shirt tail hem on a dress - I love it!  

Look Mom - it's got pockets!  And shinny silver hair :)  

This was a wonderful wearable muslin.  I serged all of the seams to finish them.  And while it wasn't tight anywhere at all, the bodice seams shredded.  Not sure if it was due to the age of the fabric or something else.  This dress didn't come home from vacation, but it was well worn during it.  


  1. The print is cute! And I like the dress. Making it a little longer would be perfect. Looks like a great summer dress. I get really annoyed when my fabric shreds, after you put in the work to make it into something.

  2. The fringe dress worked great as a swimsuit cover up. Too bad about the fabric fraying.

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