May 5, 2019


We spent our last Saturday of vacation at the Louvre.  After really having a leisurely morning in our condo and a very French breakfast of fruit and pastries we headed out.  It took us a minute to figure out which train tickets we needed to purchase and thankfully a very nice local helped us out!

The girls bought crepes from a street vendor outside the Louvre and they were amazing!  Making crepes that taste like that is totally on my list! 
First - let me say I was in awe of the structure.  The details and the history of the building.  Most of the photos I took were of fireplaces, stairwells, the fine trim.  I wanted to see more of the actual building - I'm that person the one who says Yea, the art is okay, but show me the fireplace. 

That deer?  Carved into a ceiling.  It's about 12" square - can you even imagine?  It's so detailed, realistic and delicate all at the same time. 

More plaster work around a fireplace.  It was just incredible.  The texture and dimension that is in plaster work. 

Just an interesting grouping of photos! 

Proof that the entire family was on this vacation.  From the left:  JB wearing one of his bowling shirts, Pat, Krystle wearing Eleanor and Jessica - I was taking the photo :) 

We barely got through one wing of the museum and literally raced to see the Mona Lisa before closing. 

Jay and I at the Mona Lisa.  I'm wearing a blue ponte Ottobre Dress #4 from May 2013.  As I tend to do whenever we go on vacation, I was busy sewing up into the wee hours of the morning every night for the week before we left.  Jay got a shirt, Krystle got a birthday outfit, Eleanor got a birthday wardrobe and I got 3 new dresses!  2 Ottobre #4s and a swing dress.  (they are the catch up blogging queue.)

My favorite quote from vacation was this.  We had all gone to see the Mona Lisa.  Pat stood there for a minute and then walked over to Krystle and said, "I don't get it."  to which Krystle replied:  "Then you need to go look at her again!"  

One more day of Paris left.  A day in which we cover the entire city!  


  1. A blue floral that made you happy. Maybe that's what you need to do again to get over the coat funk. Oh, and I'm jealous that you got to see The Louvre.

    1. There is some of this fabric left, but honestly, it didn't wear well at all. I think I wore the dress maybe 5 times before it looked old and worn. so . . .

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