May 19, 2019

Colonial Willaimsburg

I honestly don't even know if I have any photos - but I want to talk about this just the same.  Somebody told me, I'm not old enough for Colonial Williamsburg - but you know what?  I loved it!  Loved It! 

We had some points that needed to be used, so we asked this kids if they wanted to take a quick trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was a really, quick trip.  We went down for 4 nights.
Eleanor and I in GiGi made sweaters
On the first day, Eleanor wanted to go the Yankee Candle.  That Yankee Candle is a super big deal and we spent several hours there wondering around, watching the train and talking with Santa.  Eleanor's favorite part was when it snowed.  Every 6 minutes there was a spot in the store where snow fell from the sky.  Pretty cool!  

The next day we headed into downtown Williamsburg.  Right into the heart of the historic district.  I loved going in and out of the houses and buildings.  Seeing how people dressed and cooked.  We watched the parade and stayed out until well past dinner time. 

I guess we were bad?

On our third day, my friend Chan drove over to Williamsburg and she walked around with us!  She made friends with Eleanor - which isn't easy to do with a shy, opinionated toddler! 

There was something about this window in the brick wall with the branch. 

We left after breakfast on our 4th day because an unexpected, early snowstorm was coming. 

Colonial Williamsburg - we'll be back! 


  1. I've been to Colonial Williamsburg a few times; I really love it. It's great that Chan was able to come spend the day with you, too. And leaving early to avoid snow in Virginia was a good idea; they aren't fully equipped to deal with it.

  2. Williamsburg is on our short list of places to use our points on, too...maybe next year. :-)

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