January 24, 2013

It's Thursday - Are You Thankful?

So - once again we get another Thursday in the week - that's a good thing right? It means the week is almost over. It's at this point of the week, when I'm tired and it feels like the weekend will never get here that I like to remember the little things that make me smile.
:: cute puppies - this is Titus, my brother's dog who visited for Christmas :: clear, cold, crisp days and warm houses and cars with heated seats for the commute :: knitting, I love being able to take two little pointy sticks, some string and make something that will keep someone else warm.   :: good friends

:: fabric, yarn, and the sewing, blogging community.  I have taken a sewing dare!  more info soon.

:: friends who share their knowledge

:: short work weeks.

I shared mine - won't you share yours?  Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. I shared mine on my blog, but I'm also thankful the Knight wasn't in the office to see Titus. ;)

  2. Three Thursday thankfuls from me too: I'll go with our cats who don't like to get snow on their feet so they step into our footprints and even their own footprints to get from A to B. Animals who don't realise they're actually quite sick and just happily keep going about their daily business. And of course I am thankful for the online blogging community - such an interesting bunch!

  3. When new kittens are born without any complications!
    cuties. the only fruit I want to eat this time of year
    warm radiators
    presents...To give and to get

  4. a push present is all the rage around here.
    Father gives mother bling or jewelry for laboring...

  5. oh man, it's tough today - 3 weeks into January and I'm sick for the second time ! I'm thankful I finally decided to do myself a favour and stay home tomorrow - does that count ?

    ok, ok - I'm thankful for a DH who is awesome! puppies who are cuddly - especially when I'm freezing from fever, heat in the house because outside temps are -20C and lower, knitting on the needles and...wait for it.....a SEWING project !!!! I actually got down to the sewing room this week, retraced a Jalie 2005 pattern with my adjustments and am ready to cut out a new Tee. happy dance !

  6. Oh, I just love giant puppies! Your brother's is adorable.

    I'm thankful that I preposted my Thorsday book review, because our furnace circulator pump chose last night when it was 4 degrees to die, and they didn't get it fixed until 3 this afternoon. Even now, it's only 62 in here, and I"m not happy. But your puppy picture did make me smile!

    Happy Thursday!

  7. I'm thankful I've lost 3 lbs since the beginning of the year. :) Very, very, thankful that my Mom's nerve block worked and she's finally getting some relief from her neck pain.


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