January 3, 2013

Beau & Abby

 It's been a minute since I've posted current photos of the dogs. 

Granted these aren't great photos - but they are current - I took them this morning! 

Beau has decided he's too good for the dog bed and has taken over the chaise in the sitting room.  He's close to where we are, but laying on nice comfy furniture. 

Abby would be up there with him, but she's decided it's too hard to get down with her old lady hips, so she sticks to curling up on the dog bed to stay warm.

It's been bitterly cold in the Pacific Northwest this week - in fact, we all think if it's going to be this cold, we should get snow.  Mother Nature isn't agreeing with us, but the dogs are staying in the house all day.

Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone.


  1. Bitter cold here, too. I wish the wind would blow this cold area out of the valley.

  2. Sweet pups. It's windy and chilly here too.

  3. Yup really, really cold. I'm not hearing talk of snow, but I'm starting to hear rumblings of possible freezing rain. I HATE freezing rain and the acres of ice rinks and plethora of snapped power lines it brings. Better cold and dry than coated in ice.

  4. Ya gotta love 'em. Our 12 yr old Doberman climbs on the bed, paws the covers off my shoulders, then expects me to hold them up for her so she can climb under and pretty much collapses onto the back of my legs while I pull the covers up over us. We're getting a bit too old for this tactic, but now I have a heated mattress pad, I don't think she will stop anytime soon.

  5. Beautiful babies ! Cold here too -17°C today, I think the windchill is -20. That's about 0° for you, isn't it ? Anyway, we've got plenty of snow thankyouverymuch LOL 48cm last Thursday breaking all existing records. Alex is not best pleased, Skippy loves it :-)
    ...and Mary's not alone. Alex gets on her pillow and whines till I cover her up with her blanket - like she couldn't burrow in herself, but way too much effort LOL

  6. Morgan has finally given up on trying to get on the furniture. Those old legs just won't allow her to jump anymore, though she does forget now and then.

  7. Glad to see them comfy and happy. It's been bitter cold here, too, in the low teens overnight, but it's warming up today, to 26 as of 3PM. You're right, at least we have snow to help justify the bitter cold.

  8. We agree with your pups here in PA, its cold! We have snow though which makes it hard for little basset legs as well as short people legs too tee hee! Happy DOT's to you as well!

    Still reading your posts,
    Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too!

  9. Aww they both look like a blankie would be nice!!
    Such adorable pups!


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