January 17, 2013

Dogs on Thankful Thursday

I know this isn't a great photo - but it tickled me to have the boy in silhouette like that.  Sorry about the background - my house is cluttered and messy. 
Beau was laying on the chaise last week and wanted to make a fuss about the garbage truck coming.  He was sitting their 'howling' at it - but couldn't be bothered to go to the window.

It's early in 2013 and it's time to do a Thankful Thursday again.  Today I'm thankful for
::  How pretty it's been with the clear, cold, crisp weather
::  Crafty friends - I have an idea to save the dress
::  Knitting classes
::  Health and Fitness
::  Credit Card Monitoring
::  Small local restaurants with good food and people who remember you
::  Good friends.

What are you Thankful?


  1. I'm thankful for meetings that have me crying (humble, joy tears) on the way home. I truly don't know how I've earned such loyalty and respect from absolutely phenomenal women!

  2. Love love love that picture! :) So cute!

    I'm thankful that all is going well with my pregnancy so far and that Carmen seems like she is going to be healthy! Just hoping she can stay that way!

  3. Oh Credit card monitoring...very good one
    we just had an issue and the bank was wonderful....
    Fruad is a full time job these days apparently

  4. Three thankfuls for Thursday:
    I am thankful for cluttered homes because they prove we're busy and useful people.
    I am thankful for vets who know lots of things that make me feel less helpless and give us hope.
    I am thankful for a warm home whilst it snows outside.

  5. I like Beau in silhouette! It's funny that he didn't want to expend the effort to howl at the garbage truck in earnest. And clutter is what proves real people live in a house! Sorry that you needed credit card monitoring, but glad it's working for you. Happy Thorsday!

  6. Well hello kindred spirit! You are quite right - dogs, sewing, knitting . . . plenty to be thankful for! Took a quick peak at you on Ravelry as well (I am twotoast) and it is good to see that you are another sock and shawl nut!

    I look forward to following your adventures!!


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