January 2, 2013

a 2012 Finish

I've been reading all the 2012 wrap ups - how much I sewed, how much I knit, how much I read, in some cases - how much I lost. 

I want to do a wrap up post - but I didn't knit nearly as much in 2012 as I have in years past although my focus changed from socks to other knits. 

For example, when I heard my brother and his girlfriend were coming for Christmas I had to come up with a quick gift.  I don't know T very well, but I do know where they live and it's cold in the winter and I know she likes to walk outside.  Hmmm - that gives me enough to work on.  I bought some fluffy grey wool and signed up for a test knit.  You can't see the pattern in the cowl very well, but it's knit broomstick lace.  Very fun and easy way to create a great stitch that will still be warm. 

I also know that T has very long hair.  So when I saw the tea cozy hat that ChanKnits had knit - I knew it was perfect!  So - a hat that would allow T to keep her ears warm, but let her hair hang free was knit. 

I did tell her she had to model the gifts and have her photo taken or give them back!  She wasn't very happy about it - but she did cooperate. 

These two pieces were a super quick knit.  Seriously - I think it took me 3 days total to knit the whole thing. 

I do need to go back and do a review.  I know I didn't do a lot of sewing early in the year.  I need pull out the 2012 knits and get them photographed.  And maybe even inventory the books I read - thanks to the Nook I read a bunch more last year.  I also need to update the blog this year - change the header (I'm working on it), update the links (or remove them) how do you feel about links on the sidebar?  Do you follow them to a find a new blogger?  And also figure out how to add reply to comments.  I try to reply via email to all comments, but that isn't always possible. 

For now however - it's time to head back to the office after a lovely week of vacation.  Happy New Year everyone!  I'm looking forward to spending time in 2013 with you here.


  1. Love the knitted gifts!

    I don't pay much attention to side bar stuff, frankly. I use my own widgets for ease of searching and looking back...

  2. it was so nice of you to make those gifts for T! They're very nice, and grey is a good neutral color for someone you don't know well. Her hair is just beautiful, as you pointed out.

    I need to update my header picture - that's such a pain! And I sewed some in December, mostly unmentioned, and I've read a lot of books unmentioned. I do follow links, especially if it's someone you mention. And I look forward to your email replies, as well.

    Happy New Year, G, and I hope the office isn't too demanding on your first day back.

  3. All this talk of reviewing 2012 and all I can remember is doing nothing ! But, you know, there are a couple new dresses in the closet and a couple tees finished - and there were pant muslins worked on. Surprised me to no end once I went back through the blog LOL

    Looking forward to your wrap up.
    Love the knitted pieces in this post - the cowl looks so cozy !

  4. Love the look she's giving the camera in the pictures. lol Looks like some nice gifts!

  5. What a great idea! Glad she loved such a thoughtful present :D

  6. Yes, I follow links to meet new people. About three times a year I update mine. I recently updated but need to make a couple changes.

    I've been keeping track of the books I read each year, but not how many projects I complete.

    I do the like the ponytail hat. It would have been handy when I had my long hair.

  7. You did well to whip up this lovely gift at such short notice - T will get a heap of wear out of it!
    Off to have a peek around at your other creations - and looking forward to following along in 2013...

  8. Great gifts and so perfect for T. I especially like the hat and appreciate the photo of the back. Thanks.

    I rarely check side bars on the blogs I read.

  9. What a cool hat! (Well, warm, but still cool.)


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