January 15, 2013

I Could Kick Myself

I have these lovely French Chefs for my embroidery machine.  I have made them a time or two before and they are really detailed and easy to do - even with changing the bobbin color.

The problem comes in when you are embroidering on thin cotton dishtowels.  Target sells really nice quality of towels - in a set of six!  Can anyone explain that to me?

Anyway - I wind a matching bobbin because they back shows.  I prefer to stiffen the towels rather than use stabilizer - just because it's too hard to wash out completely.  Now back to the title.  I could kick myself because I was out of spray starch.  So I used some canned 'fabric stabilizer' that I had.  Fortunately, you can't really tell from this photo, but the fabric stabilizer scorched when I pressed to dry it - even using a press cloth.  Even after washing with bleach - some of the towels are discolored behind the design.

The worst part - I need to get this out, so I'm actually going to mail them this way.  I'm going to make another set for the recipient, with a different design.  She can use either tea or coffee to dye this set so they all match and don't just look dirty.  And yes - I'm mailing them without ironing them again - I mean who irons dish towels? 


  1. Oh no, why does this always happen when a gift is involved and time is short? Murphy's Law?

    Scorched or not, the towels are cute!

  2. I think six towels is like "day of the week" panties - I remember having them when I was growing up - and their were only six pair - a black pair that were marked "weekend".

    The towels are wonderful and I know the recipient will adore them!!


  3. Here here

    No ironing around here.

    and i LOVE your towels..!!!

  4. cute design, sorry about the scorching! i can't even tell from the photos. (my grandmother used to iron dish towels and sheets!)

  5. I'm sure they will be enjoyed regardless of the minor scorching issue. It doesn't show in your picture. And no, I don't think anyone irons much of anything any more, unless it's for display and not for use.

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  7. The scorching isn't visible, and I'm positive the recipient will love them... and probably not tea-dye them. ;)

  8. Great gift and such a lot of work! Of course something went wrong if it's a gift.


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