November 14, 2011


My sewing lately has consisted of the crafty variety.  Much, much earlier this year, I signed up to Pay It Forward and I'm just now getting around to actually doing so.

Somewhere last year - it all runs together these days and I can't remember anything - I saw these very cute tree napkins. 

With just slightly over a yard of each fabric, I made 8 reversible half circle napkins.  Of course there are no photos of them not folded like trees.  They are all exactly alike - I just folded them differently.
I think they will match the dishes of the recipient well and I hope she likes them. 

I love using cloth napkins and really should make some more for myself some day.  They are super easy to make and don't take any time at all.  AND when they are done you feel like you accomplished something - while napkins should "fit" with your dishes, they are still flat!


  1. Your friend is going to love the napkins. It is a fun design.

  2. Oops! Double commented! You can delete one! haha! Here's another to make it three.

  3. What a fab design! I used cloth napkins exclusively until the Knight took over. He likes paper towels as a napkin. Hem.

  4. So cute ! I've picked up a LOT of cloth napkins recently but Hubby would rather use paper towels. Even with a cloth by his plate, he goes to get a paper towel. My argument, cloth is more environment friendly. His argument, the water used in washing makes paper towels more environment friendly. We haven't yet met in the middle LOL

  5. Those are so cute!! We use cloth napkins all the time and I need to replace some of ours.

    I bought some holiday fabric to make pillowcases so the bedroom can look festive with our red comforter.

  6. They're quite pretty. I still have one PIF gift to do, so you are not alone in being slow.

    I finished Heather's dress but not the jacket, and, of course, didn't start my dress. Ack! Sometimes we just don't get to things as planned.

  7. Cute cute cute!!!! A super gift :)

  8. What a clear, clever design. So lovely to share. I daren't show my Christmas Tree loving Mother this post - it is enough work putting out all her tree shaped decorations every Christmas when I visit. Yes, okay, more than one has been a gift from me!

    (Mum is a quilter, definately not a knitter. It was her mother, Nana to me, who taught me to knit when I was 10 - i asked Nana to teach me!)

    Sending care and huggles to you, JB and the lovely canines, Michelle and a snoring Zebby Cat

  9. I am the friend who got the napkins and I love them, they are perfect--thank you GMarie for indulging me with this wonderful hand made giftie!!!!


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