November 2, 2011


In the middle of September Lori interviewed Lynne for National Sewing Month as a podcast through Sew Forth Now.  The theme was returning to sewing and one of the links Lori included was to Ruffle Fabric and a tutorial for making a ruffle skirt.   I immediately ordered both the silvery grey and a rich brown ruffle fabric. 

I thought the ruffles would run parallel to the selvedge, so I ordered 2 yards (needing enough to round my hips).  However, the ruffles run perpedicular to the selvedge so my 2 yards of each color was enough to make 4 knee length skirts - for adult women!  Of course it helps that one of the friends I made a ruffle skirt for is short - seriously - her skirt is 18" long verses mine at 26".

These are super easy to make, althought I'm not sure how to wear it.  (and honestly - posture?)  I'm not positive the sweater was the best choice, I think a belted button down might have been better.

While JB said it was just "Meh" it was fun to wear and I felt girly all day long.  So - do you have any styling tips?  How would you wear a ruffly skirt? 


  1. I had the Project Runway ruffled fabric in my hands last week at JoAnn but put it back. I may still return to purchase it!

    Cute skirt! I think the top is too short. You are cut in half. I would go with a longer, not-quite-tunic length top with a belt at the waist. Either a simple sweater like you have on (but longer) or a button down as you proposed.

  2. Love it!! I'd wear that same skirt with a wine or pink top, and I'd have to do something other than a solid... a scarf maybe?

  3. I made my version maxi-length so I wore mine with sandals, a tank top and a cardi. I think a tank top, cardi and lighter stockings would work well with your version, too.

  4. I think a longer top with a belt or a cami/cardi combo would be good, and I think this light color needs light colored tights. Maybe a floral cami with a solid cardi would be cute, too.

  5. I'll pass on ruffles skirts. I actually had a couple of ruffled bikinis when I lived on the beach, but I'm afraid my ruffle days are over.

  6. Ooh, I love it! I'll have to catch that podcast too. I'd style it more monochromatic, I think.


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