November 3, 2011

Model Dogs

And by ~Model~ I don't mean perfect!

The Musical One was asked to knit four Steelers themed hats.
It just about killed JB to put one on his head.
But she consistentely used him as her fit model - which was good.

The stripes on each hat are all just slightly different.
While Beau & Lucy didn't like wearing them at all
I hear they were well received by the persons who ordered them.


  1. Love the hats and the models. ;oD

  2. Dogs heads just aren't shaped right for human style hats. She should have knit ear holes for them. I'm sure the new owners wouldn't mind.

  3. Looks like they were all good sports. Steelers fans here are just plain nuts. Glad the recipients loved them.

  4. It always amazes me how big the dogs are. It's easy to forget until I see them up next to you or your husband. lol

  5. Hahahaha... That last photo is my favorite. And I'm with Jessi... I forget how big the tall hounds are. Jaybird isn't tiny, is he?

    (Squee!! I'll be able to answer that myself soon enough.)

  6. Cute pics - definitely good sports !

  7. Too cute! Don't mind if we call them Bruins themed hats.. ;)

  8. Mr. Bettis says, Goooooo Steelers :D


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