November 17, 2011

Random Thoughts on Thursday

I'm just filled with random thoughts that don't make a ton of sense these days.  I was trying to get a photo of Mr. Beauregard's eye - it's recently got all cloudy.  But he didn't want his photo taken - and this was the best I got.  And I had to hold his head to get it. 

I'm thankful that a dog's sight is not their first sense - especially in a scent hound.  But it still makes me sad.  He's coping well and other than his eye being super cloudy - he's not acting like his vision is impaired at all.
We've started adding frozen blueberries to all of the kibble because a very good friend said that it could help with his sight.  I don't know if it helps or not, but they are all enjoying the purple  goodness in their food.

Do you give your dogs only dog toys?  My big hounds *love* anything that makes noise - seriously.  So last week - after an especially long day - I bought them a noise making pig from the angry birds game.  Yes, it was a kid's toy, and it was fairly expensive for how long it lasted.  But for 3 days Lucy adored it.  She pranced through the house with the piggy in her mouth, she'd bring it to me so I could throw it (yes - we do throw balls in the house) and chased it.  She wrestled with Beau over the piggy and she made it oink.  She was in heaven.  When her not so gentle mouth broke the noise maker - well she was done and she ripped it apart to get the offending broken part out. 

The good news is she will still play with it a little bit.  But now it will become one of Beau's treasured babies.  He picks one every morning, takes them around the house and yard, carries it everywhere until he had breaky - then he's done with it until next time.

Until next time - have a safe and happy Thursday.  Remember the little things in life that make your life worthwhile.  Hug your pups and humans and tell them all that you love them.


  1. Speaking of dog toys ... I was reading a funny blog post the other day. Actor Jorge Garcia (he played Hurley on LOST,) has two small pups. This post was all about what happened when they got a new toy.

  2. Beau needs to give you one of the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance bracelets... I'm wearing mine today. They see with their hearts, and you know you're at the center of his.


  3. OMG, that pic of Beau looking at you out of the corner of his eye could be Fred. So stinking cute!

    Mine love dollies, as we call them. I can buy just regular stuffed toys, they do not rip out the stuffing much anymore. I usually buy them at Kohls. they do like toys with squeakers though, too!

  4. Thor didn't like squeakers, and he didn't much haul around his toys. Mostly he liked to pile them near himself for safekeeping. I'm glad Beau's eye isn't bothering him, although it's hard for us to see them with a problem.

  5. We give ours people toys and they actually take better care of them than regular do toys. Bailey's monkey was originally a kid's toy and she carries it everywhere.

    I have a good source for blueberry capsules if you need them. We feed fresh blueberries in summer and now we give the capsules all winter.

  6. Love the pics! Happy Almost Turkey Day... don't forget to come over and enter our Planet Dog giveaway!

  7. Our JRT Macy and her little friend Max, who we pup-sit with during the week, both love to chew the squeakers out of new toys and then de-fluff them to get the squeaker out. I restuff the toy and sew it up and they play with them with no problems. I think they have decided that toys aren't worth playing with until all this happens. Gosh I love those two!!

  8. the pic.
    Toys? Mr. B manages to play with a toy all of 5 minutes before it's completely destroyed. The girls on the other hand proudly carry around their toys, sleep with them, play with them...until...Mr. B decides to play :(. Bless his big ole They like those really soft pliable squeaky toys.


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