November 16, 2011

More Napkins

As much as I love the tree napkins - I adore these.

I cut the fabric 13" square, rights sides together, sewed, pressed, trimmed, turned, pressed
and then I did a little zig zag around the edges to close the turning opening.
I adore the subdued print on the front - but the polka dots on the back - love.

I had more of this fabric available than the plaid - so this is a set of 12.
Personally - I love a set of napkins that has at least 4 more napkins
than you would normally ever use.
That's so you can rotate them all in usage
but you have extras if one gets stained or torn.

I really need to make some more napkins for me.


  1. Love 'em!! That's nice and cheery for a dreary day (here).

  2. Your colors are great together. I love that your napkins are reversible.

  3. Love them! and i agree, you do need to make more for YOU! The next gift you make needs to be a gift to YOU! :o)

  4. I think that after the holidays I'll need to make some placemats and napkins. Ours are getting old and you've inspired me.

  5. love all your handmade napkins, someday I will get a sewing machine agaiN!!!

  6. Love them! I can't believe I was chosen to receive them and I truly love them! Your pictures are beautiful but they are even more beautiful in person! :) Thank you so very, very much!


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