May 3, 2011

More Finds

 Several smaller, upscale cities in Western Washington have 'yard sale' days.
Honestly - it the one day during the year when everyone puts they stuff in the yards and tries to sell it.
Since we were in one such city on Saturday looking for more dishes.
We decided to just look around.

We didn't come home with lots of other people's junk.
We got the dogs some new toys (kids stuffed toys are great).
and I found one house that had a bunch of old spools of thread - wooden spools!
They are hard to find - granted the thread is no good - but the colors are bright.
I bought 25 small wooden spools, most with thread, the strange plastic sewing box with
a pair of scissors and a strange tool for a whopping $3.
They will be a pretty addition to the studio.


  1. I love yard sales and they are few and far between where I live now, but when we lived in SoCal they were our Saturday entertainment. The old spools are wonderful and the dishes are just beautiful - I love dishes and have a hard time passing one up.

  2. Nice! I love the old wooden spools! My grandma used to nail finishing nails in the top to make me a homemade nifty knitter machine. I would make long cords using crochet thread and then sew them in rounds for coasters and mats. Good times!

  3. Pretty... wooden anything is beautiful, isn't it?

  4. Pretty thread colors ! Our city also has set days for garage sales - 3 set weekends per year. Last year I saw a Singer Spartan and an industrial Singe, pretty much for the taking. I left empty handed though.

    Don't remember if I commented on the last one - those dishes are gorgeous, are you running out of storage space yet :-)

  5. I love sales like that. We used old wooden thread spools like those to make toys for our birds. They love them and they're safe for them to chew on.

  6. Great finds. Will be curious to see how you display your spools.


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